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  In recent days, the construction site of the Ecological Environmental Improvement Project (Phase I) 4th section of Huangyan Yong Ningjiang Green Road, Taizhou Huangyan Yong Ningjiang, and the workers were busy excavation, stone cages, ceramic particle concrete base treatment.

  "In the past, here is environmentally friendly to handle the plot, and the green channel has been specially handled to reduce the impact on the underground soil environment.

"Huang Yan Construction Bureau staff Yan Jianhua said. Yongningjiang is Huang Yan’s mother river, and the greenway is based on this, and its East Extension is from the North Gate Bridge, east to Sanjiangkou, is expected to be completed in December.

At that time, an ecological corridor, an ecological corridor, an integrated ecological protection, casual tour, cultural experience, and green industry. Since this year, Taizhou City has adhered to the principle of local conditions, ecological priority, cultural inheritance, combined with key work such as key blocks, municipal roads, beautiful rivers and lakes, and coordinates the construction of greenways in the jurisdiction.

As of the end of September, the city has added a green road kilometer, and the green road is built. In the beautiful idyllic mix of Daoxiang Orchard, Xinqiao Town, Taizhou Road Bridge, there is a special green road showing the historical culture of the new bridge and party history.

This "Junior Road" is less than kilometers, in series, the town party group service center, Baihuayuan Forest Tea Meiyuan, the regional revitalization college and other landscapes and building nodes.

The local cultural landscape system along the line shows the history of the new bridge people in the millennium, anti-rumor, Hongwen, revolution, revolution, new, reform and opening up, transforming history. The villager Zhang Dade, who is often coming, said that it is a nursery base. After the transformation, it becomes a good place after the people of the people around the people. "Coordinate urban and rural space layout, improve the density of green road network network in the central city, promote the extension of the greenway to the leisure tourism, green travel, sports fitness, social culture, and economic industries, to create a beautiful greenway according to the scenic spot standard, build a connected urban and rural The ecological network system, realizing the ‘greenway, the mountains, the beauty into the city’, is the goal we pursue.

"The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Construction Bureau said. By 2022, Taizhou City will complete the 233-kilometer beautiful green road construction task (including 136 kilometers, 10% improvement to improve the green road with other urban and rural areas, preliminary" Two-band six pieces of space structure. Under the eyes, the construction, water conservancy and other departments are actively promoting the "5-ring 5 axis 1 line" beautiful green road construction, strive to create "the most beautiful greenways in Zhejiang Province". 5 ring, that is, the main construction Taizhou ring Baiyun Mountain Green Road, Guanhe Ancient Road, Jianyang Lake Green Road, Feilong Lake Green Road, Moon Lake Green Road, etc. 5 boutique ring; 5 axis 1 line, the construction of Taizhou Yidong Green Road, Nanta, Gao Zhaipu Green Road West Yan 5 boutique shafts such as Yongning River, Xinhai-Green Road, Nuanshuan River, and 1 boutique line in Baiyun Mountain cloud in Zhongcheng District, driving the city’s overall space environment.

Among them, the construction of Guanhe Ancient Road, Jianyang Lake Green Road (core block) has basically completed, and the ring Yunshan Greenway is in the first phase of the year before the end of the year, and it is open to the public.

  The interval of the Taizhou Jiaojiang, Huangyan, and Luqiao, the road, the road, the road, the road, the road, the road, is also in an orderly, it has completed 19 kilometers. The relevant departments are strengthening regional overall development, overcoming the complex interval terrain, block development, unbalanced interference, and uncomfortable , Focus on green road breakpoints, and promote the further integration of urban areas.

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