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What are the main causes of male hair loss

The fast pace of modern life has left too many men with unprecedented pressure. According to reports, 60% of men have troubles with hair loss.

In addition to all aspects of stress, hair loss is also a very important factor.

So what are the main reasons for male hair loss?

Here we take a look!

Causes of male hair loss1. Androgen-induced hair loss. The skin and hair follicles are the target organs for androgen action. The scalp is a site with a high density of androgen receptors. It is a place where androgens like to gather.

So androgen-induced hair loss is the most common type of hair loss, and 95% of cases of hair loss fall into this type.

Humans with androgen-induced alopecia have higher levels of DHK in serum and scalp than normal people. The hair of the scalp, forehead, and especially the crotch and top of the diabetic scalp is affected by dihydroacetone for a long time.Progressive atrophy, smaller, hair gradually becomes thinner, softer, lighter in color, hair reduced.

As a result of this type of hair loss, the hairline fades and the head slightly lifts.

2. Drugs cause hair loss. Some prescription drugs may cause hair loss in some people. For cancer treatment, hair stops growing and metastases during treatment. After stopping the treatment or after treatment, hair may grow back.

If sudden hair loss occurs early in the medication, consult your doctor in time to make appropriate changes to the treatment plan.

3. Pathological, surgical or disease-induced hair loss after high fever?
3 months, severe infection or surgery will cause hair loss; some chronic diseases will continue to cause hair loss; abnormal thyroid function can also cause hair loss; some immune diseases, such as severe localized discoid lupus erythematosus on the scalp, etc.Make the scalp hair follicles “very injured”; mechanical tearing, peeling, burns, chronic deep bacterial or infection infections make us “desolate”.

4. The cause of alopecia areata is not clear. The type of alopecia is a lamellar displacement, forming a smooth, round bald area of the size of a coin, and alopecia areata should pay attention to mental conditioning.

5. In addition to genetic causes of hair loss, in addition to all aspects of stress, heredity is also a very important factor.