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Did not hurt in three years faster than Kanter Guiqiu deal Kanter: send me away
On February 12th, Beijing time, according to the “Salt Lake City Tribune” report, for more than three years, due to frustration with his role in the Jazz team, Turkish center Inis Kant said he hopes to end this year’s transactionWas traded out recently.  Kanter expressed his dissatisfaction after the Jazz 82-87 loss to the Mavericks today.In this game, he left midway because of an eye injury and never returned to the court, although he became a big obstacle to the potential of injury.It hasn’t been a long time since I saw Kanter’s smile. This is not a problem for my eyes.I don’t know what the cause is, but it’s definitely not an eye problem.So, we will see what happens next.Kanter after such a game.  In this game, 22-year-old Kanter played 18 minutes, scoring 6 points and 10 rebounds.But for the 2011 flower show, the refusal of the heart was not caused by this game.When the Jazz coach was Tyrone Corbin, Kanter was always dissatisfied with his playing time and the role he played.  Today, the Jazz and the new coach Quin Snyder have been struggling to balance the playing time of the four main rotation insiders (Fevos, Kanter, Rudy Gobert and Trevor Booker).Snyder admitted in an interview that it is difficult for all four insiders to get enough playing time in the game, and he said that the match and performance on the court will determine their playing time.  Since entering the NBA, although Kanter’s defense has been questioned, but he is a big offensive talent, this season, he averaged 14 points and 7 per game.8 rebounds.  Since Kanter failed to reach a contract extension with the Jazz before the start of the season, he will become a quasi-free agent this summer.This will definitely bring difficulties to the Jazz in the process of trading him, because for those teams interested in Kanter, they will also spend chips in the transaction, while taking risks and uncertainties in the future.(Rosen)