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Hu Yang asked Hua Shixiong,Can you bring friends。
Hua Shixiong said it’s ok,Hu Yang took everyone there。Luo Bufan and Blessing are a little look forward to,After all, some scenes,I may not have access to it for the rest of my life,Follow Brother Hu,Finally have a chance。
went,Everyone just discovered,That is the suburb,Seems to be a workshop。
“Senior Hua lives in this place?”Huazi asked in surprise。
Populus shook his head:“Should not be,Talk less for a while。”
right now,Hu Yang didn’t understand what Senior Hua meant,Call them here,What is the intention,What is it here。Say the other party lives here,Hu Yang doesn’t believe much。
a while,Someone came out to greet,Is a young man。
I saw him with a wary look:“Hua Lao called?”
Seeing Populus nodding,He took Hu Yang and his party in,Just focus on two live broadcast devices,But nothing prevented,Did not say anything。
Hu Yang still asks:“Can you shoot?I am live streaming。”
The other party hesitated,But still nod:“can,Places that cannot be photographed,I will remind。”
Just now,Hua Shixiong has already explained,Be polite to these people。
The people in the live broadcast room feel like they are exposed to some secrets,Watching the live broadcast with wide eyes,Don’t want to miss a detail。
I saw,This is really a workshop,Seems to produce high imitations,Mainly all kinds of antique jade,Populus has seen some finished products,Really done。
Everyone feels that the atmosphere is a bit wrong,So I dare not come out,As if he was afraid of killing。