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To tea pet,Many people are familiar,Tea shop,The one who keeps the most is the golden toad with a copper coin in his mouth,Copper coins can be rotated freely,homophonic“Make money”,So lucky,Of course businessmen like to hear。
“This is an object from the Qing Dynasty?Doesn’t feel like。”Ge average opening。
The audience in the live room,And the people in Huazi want to complain:How good are you,Don’t have points in mind?When do you feel allowed?
“Let’s not say what period it was.!Even contemporary objects,Zisha ware is not cheap。This tea pet,The patina is quite good,It can be seen that it was once nourished。Watching,Very spiritual。”Hu Yang said。
No matter what the look、What meaning,Tea pets add interest to the table。Maybe it is not the core role of the tea table,But the first tea is often invited first“drink”,And the last tea is also reserved for it“Enjoy”。
Over time,The tea leaves a round and smooth patina on it,It’s like a mature life after years of baptism,Conquer the edges and edges,Become soft and gentle。
This Paixiu tea pet in front of me,That’s it。
Tea pet is“Three sorting,Seven-point nutrition”,To cultivate the spirit of the tea pet,Is also a science。Although tea pets have something in common with purple clay pots,But also has its own“personality”。
Zisha tea pets are as spiritual as Zisha pots,General purple sand is not shiny,It’s as troublesome as keeping a pot,It needs to be boiled, it needs to be hot, it needs to be moistened with tea,Over time,It will become more shiny,Spiritual。
“Tea pet,It seems not expensive?”Zhang Qingliang said abruptly。
Even if it’s from Zisha,There seems to be a lot of one hundred and dozens of dollars in the market,And the quality will not be bad。Even this,Well raised,Can be more than 100,000?
“Haha!Brother Zhang,Then you don’t know。The ones you see,Machine produced,How can it be the same as artificially made?and,Made by master-level masters,Not to mention。”Populus suddenly laughed。
Even now,If it is a boutique made by the master of Zisha,There are a lot of works over 100,000,Hundreds of thousands,Don’t be too weird even millions。