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Meng Haibo deliberately glanced at Wang Dazhi sideways first,Contemptuously curled his lips,Then he said to Chen Geng:“Chairman,Let me tell you so,On the initiative to reform、Initiative,We are much better than some brothers,We don’t need to prepare in advance,For passing the assessment,We have enough confidence,Don’t rely on it at all‘On-the-spot assault’To pass……We can finish it nearly eight months ahead‘tay’MK650-8CEngine assembly,Is the best proof!”
This old man!
First735chapter I’m lucky
When Chen Geng and his party arrived at the engine assembly workshop,Couple in white coats、Blond Rolls with hat mask·Royce engineer,We are taking Huafang’s engineers to conduct a detailed inspection of the two engines on the bench。
Modern aviation engines are actually very big。
For example, look at the quantity on the front shelf“tay”MK650-8CBar,If you find a FokkerF100Pictures of airplanes,You will feel that the engine doesn’t seem to be too big,But when you stand in front of this engine,Did you know that this thing is as big as a car:“tay”MK650-8CThe bypass ratio of the engine is3.2,The diameter of the front fan is1.143Meter,Count the receiver outside,The height of the entire engine is almost there1.25About meters,In addition, for the convenience of engine debugging、an examination,The engine can be placed on a dedicated rack,The ground height of the engine is almost30About cm,In other words,When you stand in front of this engine fan,Even if it is Chen Geng’s height183Centimeter big,You will also find that this big guy actually reached the position of your neck。
As for the length of the engine,Also more than four meters,Yes,You don’t think it’s a big thing in the photos,Is actually a big guy。
Hear the footsteps coming from behind,The British engineer headed up looked up rather displeased,You can see Chen Geng walking in front of the crowd,He was taken aback,I hurriedly touched the colleague next to me,My colleague greeted me quickly:“Mr. Fernandez,You are coming?”
What kind of prince in white clothes,nonexistent,The other party knows Chen Geng’s identity、wealth,Although Chen Geng seems to have no effect on him even if he offends him,but……
Why bother?
My brain is okay,Why do you have a good day?,A super rich man who has to go?Really annoyed the other party what good is it for me?
This year,There is no real fool。
See someone,Chen Geng is also very happy,He smiled and greeted each other:“Mr. Johnson,Hello,how about it,Is work and life going well??Is there any discomfort?”
Johnson is Rawls·Royce’s chief technical officer at Chengfa Plant,Rolls too·Royce’s technical master,Rolls·Before Royce determines the candidate for the chief technical officer to come to China,Chen Geng and Rawls·A number of technical experts recommended by Royce contacted,It was finally determined to be Johnson,I am naturally impressed by him。
“not bad,”Johnson is very happy,Nodding:“I live here very happily,Especially the food here……Oh, God,I never knew there were so many delicious things in the world!”