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First3chapter Desolate God Taoist
Li Ming felt that the sense of prying around disappeared,I was relieved。
Realize the ultimate formation,He is very complete in all aspects。
Causal Way,Although he can’t deal with others causally,But it feels causal,It is possible to isolate cause and effect。
In fact,Dang that‘King of Life’A moment of deduction,He felt a sense of peeping。
The reason why there is no direct isolation,It was Li Ming who followed this cause and effect to watch for reverse detection。
unfortunately,He is not very good at causal deduction,Just see that the source of this causal prying is the eternal race。
Eternal race,Daojun who is best at deduction,Should be the king of life。However, such strong people who are good at deducing cause and effect rarely go outside。Li Ming can’t help him。
But at a critical moment, cause and effect are suddenly isolated,Should make the other party suffer a lot。
“Eternal race,Sure enough, I just left the Three Realms,Have contact with practitioners in the endless frontier,They found out。”
“Nothing,According to the information I got from Qiansheng senior a hundred years ago,Taoist Xuanbo should be the descendant of King Somo, the eternal family,If the simple King Somo came to deal with me,Find a way to lure him out,Kill him directly。”
“It was the spirit of the formation of the Pantheon Palace that promised back then,To deal with the eternal raceXXXEmperor。Now with my strength,It’s also comparable to the Pantheon,beatXXXEmperor easy—But wanting to kill him is not that simple。”
Li Ming’s current strength is indeed no less than the peak Daojun。
Although only on the level of Tao,Li Ming takes two steps,Equivalent to King Somo。But using the three forces in one method,It means that the second soul is only one mana and mind power,The strength has reached the peak Taoist level。
As for the supernatural power、Mana、The united deity,The strength is definitely considered to be extremely strong among the pinnacle princes。