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Beiyan Shang’s eyes also turned cold,But then he laughed,Smile with disdain and contempt for Zhu Minglang:“I didn’t expect that there would still be people acting as justice knights,Just a few untouchables,The butler prepares some gold and silver for this guy,Treat it as medical expenses,The young master is in a good mood today,Don’t care。”
“North Young Master,get ready,I can play the sword。”Zhu Minglang’s fingers are pulling the sword spirit dragon,And the sword spirit dragon is spinning gently at this moment,Murderous spirit is still spreading wantonly,This time even the mountain village masters of Beiyan Business realized something was wrong。
“who are you,Don’t know where it is!”Beiyan Business Fury Road。
“I am the lord of Runyu City,Zhu Minglang。Either you follow me back to Runyucheng,I will use the local punishment to deal with you,Or we just gamble,See if it’s your fate,Still my sword,A thousand gold!”Zhu Minglang said plainly。
“A madman,Deal with him for me。”Beiyan Shang’s eyes are harsh。
Just finished,A red sword light flies across the sky like a star of evil,Stunning and terrifying!
The tip of the sword pointed directly at the heart of the young master of the North Mountain Villa,Beiyan Shang is not a idiot,She hid behind the masters of her own villa for the first time!
Those masters who dress uniformly block their swords,But this careless sword hides great power,I saw the bodies of the masters of these villas being pierced one by one,Fall down one by one,One by one in a pool of blood!
There was a harsh sound,The Master Wu, who is carrying a hip flask, seems to have noticed Zhu Minglang’s extraordinary skills,Called out a golden eagle dragon in advance,This golden eagle dragon has plumage like gold,It blocked Beiyan Shang with feathers and a majestic body……
The blood flower is still splashing,Even Golden Eagle Dragon,Also stabbed away,Golden Eagle Dragon screamed,Fell to the ground like the masters of those villas before!
The sword power is finally resolved。
Beiyan Shang’s pale and sullen face showed a look of fear,A pair of eyes stared to the extreme!
Almost died!
The opponent’s sword,So shockingly weeping!
“This adult,Our young master will repent,This sword also blocked,Just invite adults……”Master Wu is sweating,Hurriedly let go of the previous arrogant attitude,Said in shock。
“Oh,One thousand gold goes to you。”Zhu Minglang casually threw a bag of gold to the young master of North,Recall the sword,But put another sword pose,Smile brightly,