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“Doctor Gu is gone,I am worried that something will go wrong,Let everyone move in temporarily。May be a bit risky,But there is no other way,Anyway, the restaurant is clear,Everyone feels more at ease。”
Li Tianchou was taken aback,Some time ago, I was thinking of opening a private clinic for Lao Gu.,I didn’t expect to leave,Can’t help but regret。But for whatever reason,Still makes him uncomfortable,“When did it happen?”
“The afternoon you sent the broad beans back,I am worried that it will affect your work outside,So I didn’t tell you。”Zhu Lei looked at everyone uneasy。
“It’s ok。”Li Tianchou didn’t mean to blame Zhu Lei,On the contrary, he was impressed by Zhu Lei’s ability to respond on the spot,This person is enough to entrust important tasks。This one‘It’s ok’A pun,It can also mean that Old Gu’s departure was harmless,“From the day Yuxing Company was established,Is the purpose of freedom to come and go,Still like this。”
“In addition,Something else。Today at noon there is a table of guests who have finished their meal and settled,Secretly wrapped a big gift bag。Found by Xiao Song,I discussed with Lao Fu to return,But the other party is dead,Said he came to worship the mountain,Come tomorrow,Must see you。”Zhu Lei took out a big red envelope from his arms and set it on the table,Bulging envelope,The round belly is not formed,If there is a hundred yuan bill inside,I’m afraid there are at least 20,000 to 30,000。
Li Tianchou stared at this weird envelope,Frowned slightly,“Who are these people,Do you understand??”
“Know too much。”Peng Weihua laughed aside,Looks very happy,“They are all the little gangsters in Chengdong,It turned out to be with Chen Bin、Shen Mingfang,Now change the flag and change the flag to join us in Yuxing。”
Ok?Li Tianchou’s expression suddenly became cold,Zhu Lei and the others also had a little smile on their faces,But seeing Li Tianchou’s appearance,All of a sudden froze,Only Peng Weihua is still quite proud。
“Have you seen Old Zhu??What’s inside?”Li Tianchou asked coldly。
“Watched,All red fish,Thirty thousand。”Zhu Lei tells the truth。
“Who made the money stay?”Li Tianchou’s expression is even colder。
Zhu Lei sees the situation is not good,Hurriedly winked at Peng Weihua,But helplessly, this fellow is too proud,“I sent people away,But the money has to stay,This is also to act according to the rules of the world。”
“Mischief!”Li Tianchou slapped the table,Furious,“What is the rules of the world?We are Yuxing Company,Do serious business。The money must be returned tomorrow!”
Everyone’s hearts are jumping,Peng Weihua was even more confused,But after a while he reacted,Slap the table,And stood up,“People pass the greeting card according to the rules,Red envelope,I have to send them according to the rules。Did I do something wrong??Who are you playing?”
“So wrong!”Li Tianchou also jumped up,“What did Uncle Geng say when he resumed the establishment of Yuxing Company?Away from the rivers and lakes、Stay away from right and wrong,Go through the days seriously。We worked hard,It’s so good to wipe the shit off my butt,What are you?Can you get this kind of money??”
“You fucking teach others here,Lao Tzu’s words are in mind,No need for your reminder。But now there is a shortage of money everywhere,I didn’t steal it, why can’t I take it?You ruined a car as soon as you fucked out,You take it for nothing?The chef on the stove today thinks that the salary is low,I left three in one go,Have you ever thought about it……”Peng Weihua doesn’t know where the anger comes from,Anyway。Although Zhu Lei strongly pressed,But screamed。
“Finished old accounts,New account owed,You still make sense?You don’t steal or rob,But how do you guarantee that the money is clean……”Li Tianchou’s hands trembled,But was held back by Xiao Song and Fu De。
“Listen to me。”Zhu Lei suddenly raised his voice,“Today’s matter,Owha and I did the wrong thing,At least violated the rules set by Uncle。But Ah Hua is not malicious,He didn’t say to use up the money immediately,So please forgive me this time。”
“Shit……”Peng Weihua yelled again very unconvinced。