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  On October 27, Chongqing Medical University released the "14th Five-Year" business development plan at the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the school. By 2025, the overall strength of the school was significantly improved, entered the forefront of the national high-level medical university.

The traveling goal of 2035 is to fully build high-quality first-class research-based medical universities. Specifically, the main goal of the development of schools in the next five years is to build a new pattern of discipline construction.

The discipline is more distinct, the layout is more optimized, the intercourse cross-development mechanism is more perfect; the clinical medicine enters the ranks of first-class disciplines, gradually forming a good situation in which clinical medicine is leading and multi-discipline.

  Teachers have reached a new level. Optimize the pilot mechanism, improve the talent evaluation system; cultivate a group of academic masters and teaching teachers, gather a number of strategic leaders and high-level innovation teams, so that the quality of the team will realize the quality of the quality. Science and technology innovation has made a new breakthrough.

Aiming at the national significant strategic needs, clarifying the direction and focus of scientific research innovation; strengthening the cultivation and organization of major scientific and technological projects such as original scientific research; enhances basic research capabilities, producing a group of iconic results with international influence. In addition, the vision goal of rejuvenation in 2035 is that high quality first-class research-based medical universities is completed. Realize the modernization of governance system and governance, work, scientific and technological strength, clinical strength, social contribution and cultural cohesiveness have risen sharply. (Reporter Li Xingting) (Editor: Qin Jie, Liu Zhengning) Share more people to see.