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In 2018, Xiao He often felt chest tightness after suffering from a cold, shortness of breath, even can’t lie down, snoring, snoring, there will be breathing.

After the local hospital, Xiao He was diagnosed as expanded myocardial disease and severe aortic valve closed. After the local treatment, Xiao He decided to "go to Beijing to learn".

In December 2020, Xiao He came to the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and under the recommendation of the doctor, Xiao He waited for heart transplant surgery.

However, it is subject to the shortage of donors and other standards with a donor heart, and after 8 months old, Xiao He still doesn’t wait for the right "heart".

Combined with the specific physical condition of Xiaohe, the Chinese Medical Sciences of the Chinese Medical Sciences jointly multidisciplinary expert consultation, discussion, recommended Xiaohe adopt another treatment – implantable left ventricular auxiliary system (VAD, referred to as "artificial heart").

The artificial heart is artificially produced, can continue the life of the end of the endless heart failure, improve the quality of life, help patients to restore the heart function or transition to the heart transplantation stage. In the conversation with Beijing experts, Xiaohe’s father learned that Xinjiang can now do artificial heart surgery. I haven’t waited for him to call the experts to Xinjiang, and the director of the Department of Heart Surgery of the Autonomous Region People’s Hospital will call. "Go home! Go back to the local!" Xiao He’s father remembered the call when he received a call. After a long time, Xiao He He quickly packed the baggage and bought the recent ticket, returned to his hometown. In order to ensure the safety and future recovery of the patient, the Autonomous Region People’s Hospital and the Chinese Medical Sciences of the Chinese Medical Sciences attach great importance to the discussion of relevant personnel to coordinate the discussion meeting, develop a safe and effective treatment plan for patients, and various emergency plans, and arrange The Department of Medical Science, Department of Heart Surgery, Cardiology, Anesthesiology, and other majors, 14 people went to China Academy of Medical Sciences. On September 24th, academicians in the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Huan Shou, president of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, have a strong support of the artificial heart surgical period of the Chinese Medical Sciences, and the seven people in the artist of the Autonomous Region, the first case of the autonomous regions, the first case of the northwest regions Artificial heart implant surgery, Xiao He also raised new students, and the postoperative situation was good. Zhang Gang, director of the Department of Heart Surgery, Autonomous Region People’s Hospital, said: "The artificial heart in this implantation is a ‘Yongren He, is a’ artificial heart ‘of China and the only domestic market. The medical community is called ‘China Heart’. "" Yongren Xin "artificial heart system has successfully implemented 17 epitutical surgery in three hospitals in China Medical Sciences, Wuhan Association, Fujian Association, and hospital, patient after surgery 100% survive However, there is no devices related severe complications, and its safety and effectiveness has been fully verified, and it has been successfully implemented in the northwest.

It is reported that this is not the initial attempt of the Autonomous Region People’s Hospital for heart implant surgery. In 2003, the Autonomous Region People’s Hospital launched the first case of north-north provinces and successfully, the patient was currently healthy 18 year.

In addition, the Department of Heart Surgery is also a wide cooperation with the Cardiac Surgery of Xijing Hospital, Anzhen Hospital, Peking University People’s Hospital, Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital, Beijing University, Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital, Beijing University of Medicine, Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital, Beijing University. It is understood that there are about 26 million patients with global heart failure, about 13 million patients in China, accounting for 5%, about 60-700,000 patients, and hospitalized mortality rates of more than 70%. Yang Yining, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region People’s Hospital, said: "For patients with severe heart failure, cardiac transplantation is currently the best treatment, but due to severe donor, my country’s annual heart transplant surgery is only 400 cases, far away Can not meet the patient’s treatment needs, artificial heart is very good for patients who are not suitable for heart transplant surgery. I hope that the autonomous regional People’s Hospital can help patients in the northwestern area continue their lives. This is also our best as medical staff. I hope! "(Wang Siqing) (Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting) Sharing let more people see.