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Xiahuo recommends just “blooming” mung beans

Introduction: In the summer, the most effective method is mung beans. Its health effects are not ordinary. Different eating methods have different effects. The following traditional Chinese medicine health Taoism teaches you about mung beans.
Mung beans are the most pitiful “small pill” to clear away heat: in summer, drink a few bowls of cold mung bean soup, quench your thirst, and refresh you.
As long as there is “fire” in the body, mung beans can be eliminated.
Nourishing the spleen and stomach: mung bean also has the function of “thick gastrointestinal”. In Chinese medicine, the function of nourishing the stomach or strengthening the stomach is called thick gastrointestinal. Mung beans can nourish the gastrointestinal tract, which means that it can clear the heat of the stomach.
Detoxification: Another important role of mung beans is detoxification. What is the “poison”?
Ancient Chinese medical practitioners have pointed out the efficacy of mung bean clearing heat and detoxifying, among which are the heat poisons caused by fire in the body, such as acne.
On the other hand, mung bean can also relieve or relieve food poisoning.
Who is suitable for people who regularly eat mung bean hot constitution and are prone to sores: If you eat too much warm food, you will undoubtedly add fuel to the fire.
So you can choose some cool fruits, such as pear, watermelon, grapefruit.
Mung bean has the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying and defusing fire, so it is suitable for people with thermal constitution.
People working in a toxic environment: People engaged in chemicals and building materials may be exposed to high-concentration dust, strong radiation, etc. These people can often eat some mung beans.
People with weak spleen and stomach and cold constitution: should not eat more mung beans.
Mung bean soup makes the porridge to determine the efficacy. People eat mung beans, usually soup and porridge. Mung bean porridge can clear biliary and nourish the stomach, clear heat and detoxify, eliminate edema, and have a lipid-lowering effect, which can prevent arteriosclerosis.
If you want to make the heat and heat more effective, it is best to boil the mung bean freshly when cooking soup and porridge.
If the mung beans are overcooked, the heat-clearing and detoxifying effects will be reduced, but the coolness will also be reduced, and the suitable population will be wider.