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Shen Lin looked through the information carefully at the temporary residence,Can’t underestimate the enemy,Shen Lin is serious about everything,Not sloppy。
Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Two Insidious trick
When Shen Lin was on mission,Even if Su Ran is worried,But I dare not call Shen Lin,I’m afraid it will interfere with his mission,So Su Ran was as anxious as a headless fly at the base。
Chu Yao comforted her and said:“nothing,Shen Ning is not the first1Mission out again,Why are you so nervous,Moreover, the opposite is not particularly difficult to solve,Do not worry。”
Su Ran frowned and said:“Chu Yao,Do not,This time is different,I always feel flustered,I am especially worried about what Shen Lin will do,Do i go see her?”
Chu Yao said with a smile:“You go now, don’t say Shen Lin won’t agree,Even the boss won’t approve,Because you go now and not only put yourself in a dangerous situation。
And probably disrupted Shen Lin’s plan,So you must wait here quietly now,Waiting for the news of Shen Lin’s good return,Are you really okay with me?Don’t worry。”
Su Ran looked at Chu Yao and didn’t want her to worry too much,So I nodded and sat down,I want to wait for Shen Lin’s news。
Here Shen Lin looked at the information,Then I thought it best to solve it as soon as possible,After all, there are still many things to deal with on the new base,After solving the problem, he has to go back to work。
He needs to give Su Ran a home as soon as possible,He thinks he can get better,In this case, get married soon,Both can settle down,Not only is he and Su Ran happy,Fan will feel at ease。
Thinking about this, Shen Lin feels like he has hope again,So full of enthusiasm, I think we must solve this problem neatly,Then hurry back。
In fact, the two-way relationship is meaningful. We all know this well.,But sometimes because of the omission of one party, it may kill another person。
Of course you don’t know what you will face now,And Shen Lin knows that the other party is some vulgar villain,Is likely to use some unusual tricks,But he never expected that they would use this trick。
The people underneath get Shen Lin’s instructions to prepare,It’s best to do it at night,Especially the brothers in the base have received professional training,Good eyesight at night。
The person on the other side may find it very inconvenient to move at night,But this is Shen Lin’s advantage,So Shen Lin ordered to go down and decided to do it tonight。
If it is resolved smoothly,I should be able to go back tomorrow morning,The brothers below all said yes,Then they set about preparing,Preparing for a battle tonight。