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Chapter Twenty Five Three hundred thousand
Xiao Fan soon came to Lin Yoona。
Asked:“what happened?”
Lin Feng didn’t expect Xiao Fan to really come,But looking at this son-in-law with a calm expression,He can’t get half interest either,I really don’t know what is the use of Yoona calling him over。
Lin Yuner pointed to the debris on the ground and said to Xiao Fan:“This thing is on the very side,When Dad and I came in,Dad accidentally touched it,It fell to the ground and broke,As a result, the shop owner insisted on paying him 200,000,I just saw it,That thing is obviously a fake,And it’s a fake with very rough workmanship。”
Xiao Fan nodded,Didn’t say anything,I didn’t even blame the shop owner。
The shop owner is very proud now,So he sarcastically said:“Yo,I didn’t expect it,I really found a helper,But what if I get a helper,Debt repayment,Justified,You have to pay if you break something,I don’t care wherever this matter goes。Humph!”
Lin Yoona made a harsh word to the shop owner,Said:“I also put the words here,A broken fake,Just want me to pay 200,000,Don’t even think about it,I just watched,You don’t even have a genuine product in it,Obviously cheating customers,Believe it or not, I will go to the Consumer Association to sue you。”
When the shop owner heard that Lin Yoona was going to sue him,Also a guilty conscience,But now things are like this,If I lower the price,,Doesn’t it make it clear that there is something wrong with your own thing??
So I cocked my neck,Playing crossroads to Lin Yoona:“Report wherever you like,I am not afraid of shadows,No matter where you go,You have to pay for the money you broke my things。”
“We can pay you 300,000!”Xiao Fan’s voice sounded at this moment。
“what did you say?”
“Three hundred thousand?”
Lin Feng and Lin Yuner couldn’t believe their ears,Does Xiao Fan know what he just said?。