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Since I can’t win,The leader of Suimeng didn’t plan to entangle。
If the other party is the deity,Perhaps Sui Meng, the lord, used a life-saving treasure to kill the opponent。
But only a Dharmakaya,You can’t kill the Suimeng Master,Is it still smashing?
But they want to go,But I have to ask Li Ming。
“Guru Guru~”
Like boiling water,The engraved patterns on Li Mingfa evoke chaos,It directly formed a large array。
A black thread is formed out of thin air,Blending with each other is to form a dark chain,Across the entire territory,Even the void is completely sealed。
“Ultimate formation·Everything·Skybound!”
On combat effectiveness,The ultimate formation is naturally not comparable to the ultimate kendo,But the relatively normal Dao of the Peak Daoist can also be said to be perfect。Li Ming who doesn’t need the three-force method,It can also suppress the combination of Suimeng Guru and Ugly King with a very weak advantage。
But on some side tricks,The formation is the strongest。
Just a thought of the Dharmakaya,Combine the layouts he left in the entire Three Realms,Formed a large array that could cover a territory。
This big formation itself is not lethal,But an extreme pursuit‘Bondage’。
If you use this formation from the beginning,I was afraid that Suimeng and Ugly King would retreat。
But now he uses this formation,The purpose is to prevent Suimeng leader from fleeing easily。