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The quarrel lasted for about a minute,suddenly‘咣’The sound of,Someone slammed the door out,Li Tianchou saw a big fat man go downstairs angrily,His eyes lit up instantly,Isn’t this Gongsan??
This fat man who escaped from the dead is indeed a character here,Wearing a light green military uniform at this time,It also seems a lot of energy,He actually walked straight towards the grey building,As soon as I reached the door, I started to kick the door,Humming mountain ring。
Is there something unexpected?While Li Tianchou was surprised, he was ready to maneuver at any time,Unexpectedly, a few people rushed down from the second floor,Everyone is holding a gun,Currently a tall man with curly hair,Full face beard,The same angry,Even a little frustrated,His goal turned out to be Gong San who kicked the door。
It seems that there is going to be infighting,Li Tianchou is estimating,Gong San also has new moves,I saw him buckle the thumb and index finger of his left hand into a loop and stuff it into his mouth,With a loud whistle,A dozen soldiers rushed out of the surrounding huts in an instant,Each one is holding a gun,The momentum is not weaker than the beard and others。
at the same time,Several outposts have also changed,Spears protruding from the narrow window,Although the muzzle does not know which side it is aimed at,But most of the armed forces in the entire base are concentrated here,Li Tianchou estimated that there are less than 30 people。
Confrontation between Gong San and Beard,Gave Li Tianchou the opportunity to fish in troubled waters,He carried the assault rifle behind him,Then he picked up the long rifle used by the sentry,Came out of the shack slowly,Pull down and pull the tattered cap,Covered half of his face,Gongsan, confident and emotional, can hardly notice him。
Two groups of people in the center of the venue are holding guns and facing each other like cockfighting,Gong San and his beard are fighting again,May speak the local dialect,Li Tianchou couldn’t understand a word。
This time the noise was extremely intense,Pushing each other,That bearded pistol against Gongsan’s temple,Look fierce,A look about to go crazy。
Li Tianchou slowly rubbed behind Gongsan’s group,Only then can I see the face of the beard,Deep eye socket,Gray eyes,High cheekbones,It’s completely a western face model,Extremely fierce from the face,And the evil spirit overflowing from the bone,I should have seen a lot of bloody guys。
At this time, Gong Sanyi slapped the opponent’s pistol,Arch the fat body forward,The top of the head can reach the opponent’s chin,The momentum of the forehead slammed the beard,The other party was furious,Roar,Without hesitation, I shot three at Gong Gong。
A burst of blood burst out from the back of Gong San’s head,Bullets come out,Fell on his back without saying a word。This amazing change,Don’t talk about the people standing around,Even Li Tianchou at the far end was caught off guard。
But only a moment of astonishment,Li Tianchou felt great danger,A barrel was suddenly aimed at his brow,The gunman is Shagil the Bearded。This person is not easy,In the conflict just now,I can still draw most of my attention,I soon noticed the existence of outsiders,This extraordinary ability of perception,Even Li Tianchou is amazing,Curious how the other party did it。
But Shajir is too confident,He not only ignored the anger of Gongsan supporters,I also ignored the ability of this outsider to react,Under the gun,The other side’s body is leaning strangely,It’s incredible like a tumbler,He regretted it when he pulled the trigger,Too much perspective,So that the lasing bullet went empty。
At the same time, the spear in Li Tianchou’s hand also roared,The lethality of the close-range rifle bullet almost knocked off Shajir’s arm,There was a sudden gunshot on the flat ground,Messed up,A few people who were shot were lying on the ground in pain while breathing*。