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Xia Jian sat in the car and couldn’t see what these people were holding.,But he was sure,Either a wooden stick or a rubber stick,It may also be seamless steel pipe。
Xia Jian’s heart sank,Anyway, the other party has so many people。Just when Xia Jian was thinking about this question,Guan Tingna who was sitting on the side suddenly said:“parking!”
Xia Jian a sudden brake,Because the speed is not very fast,Then stopped steadily。I didn’t wait for Xia Jian to speak,Guan Tingna opened the car door and jumped down。
She took two steps and stood at the forefront of Xia Jian’s car。This woman gets off the car,Hug your shoulders,Looks like no one is afraid。
At this moment,From the opposite side came a chubby,Man with bare head。Which Huanggui is behind him。Don’t even follow four burly bodies,Man in uniform。When Xia Jian got closer, I could see,This man is less than 50 years old。
“Guan Tingna!You are too arrogant!Even if you don’t like my son,You can’t beat him with a wild man!”The middle-aged man shouted with a beer belly。
Guan Tingna snorted coldly:“Huang Shilin,Adopted son is not the fault of the father。If I don’t think you’ve been my boss for a year,I already cleaned up your son”
“presumptuous!Did you call my name Huang Shilin??I didn’t want to get involved with my son,But when I heard you dared to make an appointment in this place,There must be a backstage。So i want to see,How leathery are you”Huang Shilin’s eyes showed a fierce light。
Huang Gui and others are impatient,He said coldly:“dad!Don’t talk nonsense with this stinky woman,Her man beat me like this,You have to avenge me first”
“So many of us beat them two,A little bit invincible。I want to wait a while,If she can’t call any helper,Stop being polite”Huang Shilin smiled,A look of traitor。
Huang Gui stepped forward,Deliberately said to Guan Tingna:“Don’t bother,You can’t call any helper,Even if you call a few people over this second,See who dares to touch my dad?Unless they don’t want to live”
Xia Jian didn’t know this Huang Shilin,I don’t know how good this person is in Bucheon.。But listening to Huang Gui’s tone,Huang Shilin is not small in Bucheon!
I blame Guan Tingna,If not for her persistence,Call Lu Wanting or Zhang Teng by yourself,Let them bring a few people over,It shouldn’t be difficult。But now it looks like this,It seems that he is the only one to stand up。
“Don’t talk big,Although you have many people,But start,Whoever is the best”Xia Jian said,One step in front of Guan Tingna。