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Then follow the grandchildren to go to get off work in the evening.。
Did not put Liu Weixiang’s things in my heart。
He believes that the other party does not dare to mention his words.。
Ma Xiaoliang looked at Liu Weixiang’s financial statement to re-handed over。
Simply looked at the two vulnerabilities he found before.,Discovery has been filled。
“Liu Weixiang,Do you know what is the crime of private companies??”
“This is to be joined。”
Liu Weixiang can only bite the dental road at this time.:“Horseman,I know,But I am in a hurry at the time.,I am lacking,So I just took the 10,000 pieces of myself.。”
“I originally wanted to send wages to fill this hole.,As a result, wage was paid to his mother.,The hundreds of pieces in your hand don’t care,So this account will continue this.。”
“And if I really don’t have a vulnerability, it’s not not possible.,But then I can’t do it.。”
“Horse factory gave me a chance.,I promise that I will not make such a mistake.。”
Ma Xiaoliang looked at the confidence of the opponent’s face。
Also sighing a breath。
“I am still with this money.,I can’t make this mistake in the future.,What is difficult to tell me?,I solved you.。”
Ma Xiaoliang is that Liu Weixiang did not expect it.。
He still saw the factory for the employee to make the staff for the first time.。
Think about Liu Dafu’s,Tall。
“Thank you Madrower,Thank you Madrower,But I don’t have to use it for me.,Just as I knot you,After the year, I sent a salary to give you every month.,Slowly。”
“Row,Since you say this, I don’t stop you.,However, it is necessary to do good.,After doing well, I can give you the maximum payment of salary.。”
Ma Xiaoliang knows that the other party is now salary for one month of 5,000,Eat average wage。
But if the other party is good,He didn’t mind directly to six thousand,Eight thousand or even 10,000。
After all, it is really important in this regard.。
“Horseman,If you want to go,Tell me in advance,I just gave money, I will give you first.。”
Why do I want to go??”
Chapter 1,545
Ma Xiaoliang looked at Liu Weixiang。
I don’t understand what Liu Weixiang does this mean.。
Liu Weixiang is also a little accident on this reaction of Ma Xiaoliang.。
“Are you not praising the factory manager for a month??
Is it going to take it??”
“Who is telling you??”
For this matter,Ma Xiaoliang is also a speechless,He is a little bit of the people’s gossip.。