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The Sichuan Provincial Government Office recently issued the "Deepening the Government Open Promotion of Grassroots Government Governance Ability" (hereinafter referred to as "plan"), determined 25 counties (cities, districts) as the first county, the first-level government affairs public standardization standardization work task To build a business card with grassroots government affairs in Sichuan Province, driving throughout the province’s grassroots government accelerate enhancement of governance and level. 25 first-line counties are: Chengdu Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu Shuangliu District, Dujiangyan City, Pujiang County, Fumin County, Panzhihua City, Renhe District, Jixian, Mianzhu City, Ji County, Cangxi County, Guangyuan City Zhao District, Nanchong City Gaoping District, Pingshan County, Dazhou Dawchuan District, Wanyuan City, Ya’an City Raincheng District, Ya’an City Mountain District, Tianquan County, Lushan County, Baoxing County, Yujing County, Hanyuan County, Shishi County Yanjiang District, Renshou County, Xiyang City. "Program" proposes through deepening government affairs, accelerating the establishment of grassroots government public standards system, further promoting the improvement of grassroots government public mechanisms, talent team training, public platform construction, effectively promoting grassroots government decision-making, management, service, implementation, and innovation . "Program" clarifies five major tasks: deepening administrative decision-making, promoting the improvement of grassroots government decision-making capacity; deepening the information disclosure of key areas, promoting the improvement of grassroots government management capacity; deepening to civil service service, promoting grassroots government service capacity improvement; Deepening Policy Implementation, promoting the enhancement of grassroots government implementation; deepening intelligence government construction, and promoting the improvement of grassroots government innovation. The "program" requires, according to the determined major tasks, clear the division of labor and time progress, and refine the solidification measures one by item.

County (city, district) must earnestly fulfill the subject responsibility of the grassroots government public work, combing the formation of promoting work desk accounts to ensure that the tasks are in place on schedule. The first county must strictly formulate implementation plans, and report the authorities of the government to record; to sum up experience, analyze problems and put forward improvement measures, pay the work every six months, and form a work report annually. In addition to 25 advanced counties, other counties (cities, districts) are based on "program". (Reporter Yuan Wei).