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[] The reporter learned from the People’s Bank of the People’s Bank, recently released the "Notice on Strengthening Payment Acceptance Terminal and Relevant Business Management" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), making specific management requirements for the acceptance terminals such as bar code payment, aiming to be powerful Crime "fund chain" such as cross-border gambling to ensure the interests of the public. The payment acceptance terminal involves the generation of payment information, collecting, and payment instructions, its security and compliance are of great significance to ensure payment information and financial security. Currently, payment acceptance terminals and related business management face some new issues, new challenges.

The relevant person in charge of the People’s Bank pointed out that some of the means of transaction in some markets continued to refurbish, through unauthorized changing terminal transaction routes, merchants coding, merchant name, transaction address, etc., it hides violation transactions, causing trading information difficult to restore real consumption scene, not only violating The legitimate rights and interests of consumers have triggered complaints, and they also bring the opportunities for criminal funds for criminal funds. There are also some criminals to use the receiving bar code to transfer gambling, and provide payment channels for cross-border gambling activities. In order to effectively improve the payment acceptance terminal and related business risk management level, the "Notice" requirement, the receipt mechanism should adopt a bank card acceptance terminal including password identification technology to ensure that the terminal initiated transaction can be accurately traced; The agency should organize member agencies to comprehensively combine and evaluate this network entry terminal, and evaluate the terminals that do not meet the "Notice" in accordance with the risk rating within the deadline. In terms of bar code payment acceptance terminal, "Notice" requires the principle of equivalent standards of similar services, combining barcode payment accepting terminals and traditional bank card acceptance terminals, to implement classification management.

  For the risk hazards in the personal receiving barcode, "Notice" proposes that personal receipt barcode users with obvious business features refer to special merchant management, requiring merchant receiving barcodes for such personal users, enhances the acceptance of personal operators Single service quality.

  The above person in charge pointed out that the "Notice" generally helps to better protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. On the one hand, the "Notice" further standardizes the management of the acceptance terminal and the special merchant management from the multi-main body and multi-dimensional, which is conducive to the prevention of criminals to make a resort for the consumer, and applying for a false merchant. On the other hand, the "Notice" requires clearing agencies to improve payment business message rules, and support the membership of the agency to meet the needs of the customer’s necessary reasonable transaction information inquiry, which is conducive to the promotion of the quality of the bank, payment agency, transaction information inquiry, etc. Fully protect consumers’ right to know, reduce relevant disputes and complaints. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.