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meeting venue. In the Peng Wei, Li Qingchuan fully affirmed that since the 18th National Congress of the Qinghai Province, the courage to take action, active as the important contribution to the economic and social development of Qinghai, especially for the province to win the province.

At present, Qinghai Province is in the new stage of "14th Five-Year Plan", and in-depth development of development.

The province is in accordance with the decision-making deployment of the provincial party and provincial government, focus on promoting the revitalization of rural resolution, special industrial system, rural environmental rectification, ecological environmental demonstration zone, etc., which provides a broad platform for further deepening cooperation between the two sides.

I hope that the Agricultural Development Qinghai Province has continued to play its own advantages, close contact with the Qinghai Provincial Rural Revitalization Bureau, strengthen communication and cooperation, focus on the development of the key tasks of the expansion of the poverty, revolving the country revitalization of rural resolution during the "14th Five-Year Plan" in Qinghai Province, dominant Industry, rural construction, rural environment rectification and toilet revolution take the lead in starting to start, actively explore, steadily advanced, and actively serve the country’s revitalization. Liu Shun first introduced the financial poverty alleviation results since the Branch of Qinghai Province, expressed its affirmation in recent years, in recent years, in the process of serving the projections, and thanked the rural Zhenxing Bureau’s support and help for farmers.

Liu Shifen said, as the only agricultural policy bank in the province, taking this discussion as an opportunity, tightly revisiting the development ideas and key tasks during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period of the Qinghai Provincial Government, playing the integration of agricultural issuance, closely docking, active cooperation Qinghai Provincial Rural Revitalization Bureau, further strengthen cooperation, sign strategic agreements, and vigorously support the consolidation of expanding the outstanding achievements, maintaining the main financial gang policy overall stability during the transition period, continuing to make easy poverty alleviation and relocation, East and West poverty alleviation collaboration, fixed point Help and other work, focus on the focus of Qinghai Provincial Rural Revitalization, and better play the advantages of grassroots financial services and help comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural villages. The successful convening of this symposium is a good opportunity for the Qinghai Province to grasp the opportunities and strive to enhance rural financial services supply and improve the effectiveness of agricultural policy financial services. (Source: Agricultural Development Qinghai Province Branch High Mallow Mei) (Editor: Yang Qihong, Ganhai Qiong).