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Voyeurism: the most boring overlap in human nature

I do n’t know how many men are correcting someone ‘s photo shoots and pistols, but I ‘ll post a few new ones online and everyone will look over them; I also do n’t know how fat and disgusting the naked man is in the apartment opposite the “Friends”
But every time let everyone exclaim for a long time.

  Everyone likes Zhang Zhenyue to sing “Oh, miss is a disease”, because he tells the reality of the current social morbidity, which is the normal state, enough to explain the theme of this time-voyeurism is also a desire.

  There are many ways in which human nature may be most boring, but the most vivid one is secretly aiming, secretly spitting, and no actual action.

Once the other person asks what you are looking at, Da Ke can face it. The righteous word is rigorous, “see the market analysis report”, but he has long been eager to turn the curve data chart into a wave in the chest of the financial sister next door.

  The sullenness in human nature is revealed in voyeurism.

  I thought very clearly in my heart, but hindered this and that, and finally became an eye addiction.

Scratching to the key parts lightly, it is easy to understand by standing up.

It can be a kind of privacy and pleasure, which guides people to continuously indulge in peeping. “This kind of beauty is only visible to me.” The possessiveness in the nature of men spreads information subconsciously.kinky.

  Between inadvertent obscenity and planned voyeurism, there is more initiative, operability, and execution. There are many occasions in life and many times you can voyeurize.

  A friend of mine was standing on the balcony every day, peeping at a single young female dancer in the building opposite.

“Sometimes she dances, and she dances in underwear in the summer.” What he can control is that he arrives home before 9pm every night, and plays the dance stick appropriately according to his physical condition.

  God knows that in life, Ya is a serious analyst in a securities investment company.

  ”I think she is jumping for me. Although it is impossible to really happen with her, but I can be satisfied by seeing her.

“Unfortunately, one month later, one month after the dark windy night, the voyeur incident happened. The woman never opened the curtains again and danced, and my friend was as if something had been replaced from life.”Now the pistols are not playing smoothly . “Playing voyeurism, love making love because voyeurism has these insignificant functions, it can stimulate sexual inspiration, sexual initiative, and can increase sexual desire and prostitution. From the perspective of a virtuous circle, treat voyeurismA flirty play will make sex more fun.

  A clever woman who knows men’s psychology deliberately left a thin door slit during the bath, the rushing water and mist, accompanied by the yellow light, slipped out lazily, seduce the man to put his eyes in front of the bathroomThen pretend to know nothing, scrub his body carefully and provocatively, waiting for him to jump in.

  Men’s psychologically speaking, what can stimulate the voyeuristic pleasure is often not easy to see, especially in this world where the network information is developed. For many men, what women have not seen?


The temptation is the kind of woman who is usually tightly wrapped, and curiosity arises from taboos, and desire to understand arises from curiosity, and then to take action to peep, so step by step, when suddenly peeping, thenDepressing the inner emotions for a long time will break through reason, drive the brain nerves, congestion, and cause excitement.

  Many men don’t like all naked women. That’s why it’s more fun to cover up shame and peek into private parts . With such a solid foreplay, are you still worried about not having an orgasm in the back?

  Peeping has become a taboo zone in sexual relations because it is not always easy to get.

Men always carry too few sexy women, because many women dare not be sexy in front of others because they think or are shy.

And when closing the doors and windows and undressing the mirror alone, many women touching their bodies will suddenly produce a “sex hormone”, flushing, and shortness of breath, “Oh my high, oh my high, oh my high!

. “The camera was switched, and a man happened to see this scene, and it was a wonderful experience.

  Life is endless, voyeur modest voyeurism, such as flirting, can stimulate the quality of sex, but pay attention to the word “moderate” in everything. After that, you may move to the other side of the metamorphosis. Once you have the metamorphosis of the back, you will shorten the

  ”Peeping voyeur” appears very frequently in the film. The plot is nothing more than a sloppy uncle. He noticed that the young girl, installed a pin-eye camera in a women’s toilet or a dressing room, peeked at other people’s private parts, and then hid in the dark.

  This kind of voyeurism is vicious voyeurism, there is no principle voyeurism, no quality, only quantity.

So, if the eyes are all seductive beauties, then most of them are all sentient beings, and they are not appetite?

So, in terms of secretly, moderate is good, “don’t indulge in desire”, too much can easily lead to mischief.

  In addition, if there is no contingency, there is no taboo, the temptation is not great, and the stimulation to the central nervous system of the brain will be reduced at one time.

And be sure to pay attention to the perspective of the voyeur, because most of the angles that are peeped may not be good-looking, so when a woman is going to tease a man to peep at you, first check if your little panties are old or yellowish, orFilled with small holes.

  No way, this is probably the helplessness of human nature. When the degree of civilization of the society is getting higher and higher, human beings are more and more adept at grooming, in turn craving for the primitive feeling, can look boldly, can satisfy the senses and thirst, so bring someGuilt, instead, can be embedded in the regrets of life.

Rape is a crime, and voyeurism is still reliable. This is probably the pinnacle stimulation of the moral wire rope.

  Oh, I almost forgot, it ‘s getting hot, the girls ‘clothes are getting cooler, and the ice cream season for men ‘s eyes is coming again.

This is also a kind of voyeurism. It is easy to succeed and easy to crook, but don’t go too far, otherwise you will be slapped!