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“Mr. Jiang is right,I know what you mean,But this time I return,I came back from the Mengshi Group,So it may disappoint Mr. Jiang and all the bosses here。”
Qin Xibei kept a smile on her face,But in my heart I can’t wait to let Jiang Zhiyuan, a man like a fly,Leave quickly。
“Miss Qin’s meaning,This time I returned to China only for the Meng Group,Don’t your company want to meet some new blood,
Now there are many rising stars,I have a lot of information,All introduced in detail all powerful companies in Honghai。
“If you are interested, take a look,There may be a company with suitable capital to cooperate with your company。”Although Jiang Zhiyuan didn’t expect Qin Xibei to say that。
But he still doesn’t give up,Still the same idea,Even if your company is not lucky enough to work with it,But at the very least, we can’t let the Mengshi Group have this opportunity。
“Mr. Jiang, you may have misunderstood what I mean,President Jiang arranged the reception today,I just treat it as an entertainment cocktail,So the work thing,Put it aside first。”Qin Xibei resists getting angry。”
But I didn’t expect this Jiang Zhiyuan to be so insightful,I’ve been grinding here。
“Although it is,But i still hope,Miss Qin, can you consider,I also hope that you will have time to look through the information。”Jiang Zhiyuan raised the file in his hand。
“I think what I said is not complete enough,Actually, I returned to China as a representative,My colleagues and I have no decision-making power,We are only responsible for inspections。”
“As for how to cooperate,Do you want to cooperate,With whom,We have to wait for our inspection to end,The president is qualified to make the final decision。”Qin Xibei said with a smile。
“So this is ah?Since Ms. Qin said so,Let’s not talk about official business today,Come to Japan,There are many opportunities。”Jiang Zhiyuan said,I feel relieved a lot。
So while the iron is hot, continue to say:“Actually we work non-stop every day,It’s really boring to think about it,We spent great youth on campus。”
“By teacher principal,Even the parents’ bombing,it’s good now,graduated,And have to work non-stop,Where the pressure,Only you know。”Jiang Zhiyuan said sentimentally。
“This is the rhythm of life today,So it’s no use complaining,Everyone is competing,So you don’t work hard,You are not motivated,If you don’t make progress, you are regressing,Instead of complaining,Better to make yourself stronger。”Qin Xibei casually said。
“Miss Qin is right,So I have been working hard,Except success,No choice。”Jiang Zhiyuan said firmly。
“Actually succeeded,For everyone
Say,Different meaning,Some people think they are rich,Or if you have power, you succeed,Some people even do whatever it takes。”Qin Xibei said while watching Jiang Zhiyuan。