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Although it is called Zhu Guofu,But as a politician,His career is a bit opposite to his name。
Zhu Ruzhi has three sons,The eldest son Zhu Guofu enters politics,The second son, Zhu Guoquan, is in business,The third son, Zhu Guosheng, is idle。
When Xiang Chen sighed that the Zhu family was so lucky,Zhu Ruzhi also sighed silently。
The Zhu family has gone smoothly these years,Even the career career of the boss is in a steady pace,Few bumps are really not a good thing。
Raise wine glass,I also took the opportunity to glance at my eldest son,In a high position,The tone will inevitably be a little mad,Although it’s a joke,But how do the listeners think,But not everyone can control。
Zhu Guofu also noticed his father’s attitude,I know that I’m not saying anything, so I won’t say more。He was never a topic terminator,At least Zhu Guofu has never encountered a situation like this in other wine table dinners.。
The atmosphere became creepy again,Lan Youmeng is still talking with Zhu Shiyao,But her hand was quietly placed on the table,Next to it are chopsticks that are neither sharp nor blunt,If you don’t agree,Lan Youmeng has absolute confidence in Zhu Shiyao’s throat with the chopsticks in her hand, poking the three yellow chicken she is chewing。
“Ouch!I said why don’t you even call me for dinner,It turned out that Mr. Xiang came,What brought you here?”
Zhu Guosheng, who is holding a sub-collection of Jingshi, stares at Xiang Chen with a smile。
Took a deep breath,Seeing Zhu Guosheng’s appearance,Xiang Chen finally understands who the empty seat on the table is for。
Say hello to Xiang Chen with a smile,Zhu Guosheng just glanced at Lan Youmeng faintly,Lan Youmeng was surprised to find,I never have the courage to grab the chopsticks。
“Some things don’t understand,Ask Mr. Zhu to solve my doubts。”
Xiang Chen gently grasped Lan Youmeng’s palm,It also brought Lan Youmeng back。Looking at Zhu Guosheng again,Lan Youmeng’s first reaction was:This guy will never kill fewer people than himself and Xiang Chen!
Smiling and looking at Zhu Guosheng,Lan Youmeng dislikes the pressure Zhu Guosheng brings to her,But now that Xiang Chen is holding his hand,Lan Youmeng really hates Zhu Guosheng。
Years of demand,Actually realized in the magical country of China,This makes Lan Youmeng a sense of tears。
“Turns out there is something Mr. Xiang can’t understand?”
Zhu Guosheng rubbed his chin,Then laughed and said:“Since I don’t understand,Don’t think about it then!”
The tone of Zhu Guosheng’s speech has a smell that cannot be rejected by others,Then he added to Xiang Chen lightly:“Since Mr. Xiang can’t understand,I think it must be a difficult thing。”
Sit down,Zhu.The momentum of Guosheng has overwhelmed his elder brother。