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Except for getting up to eat,Yu Shi lay down almost groggy for a day,
after dinner,Poetry made it difficult,She wants Ji Yunfeng to take her home,But he just didn’t agree。
“I sleep in my room,You sleep in the guest room!”Ji Yunfeng’s deep voice rang behind her ears,Poetry,Shook his head busy,“I……Go home。”
“It’s impossible to go home,I won’t take you home,Can’t let you go back by yourself。Stay obediently,Korean Poems,Put away those colored thoughts in your little head!Do not worry,I won’t touch you,I sleep in the bedroom,You sleep in the guest room,We each sleep separately,All in peace。”
Ji Yunfeng understands her mind as if she can read her mind。
She is really worried,After all they just got together,She doesn’t want to progress so fast。
First54chapter Woman’s Tangle
Ok,If you have to let her stay,This is the best arrangement。
Ji Yunfeng raised his eyebrows,“In your eyes,I don’t know how to pity Xiangxiyu?You just have a fever,I don’t take advantage of others!”
“I……that’s not what it means!I’m just not used to sleeping in other people’s houses。And we just got together,Not suitable for living together。”
She said so sincerely,Shui Guang’s eyes kept looking at him,Ji Yunfeng reluctantly smiled:“Nothing inappropriate,I said I won’t touch you,Definitely not!”
“Ok,I……Is it convenient to use your treadmill?”Yushi touch your belly,“Eat a lot tonight,I must digest what I eat quickly。I’ll shoot an ad in a few days,It’s not good to eat fat。”
“All you eat tonight is vegetarian,Not fat!”Ji Yunfeng was amused by her,This little woman is really careful。
“I asked the photographer,He said if I get thinner,Photogenic will look good。”
“Ok,Do whatever you want。Wait,I will help you find a dress,Running in a skirt is inappropriate。”See her insist,Ji Yunfeng didn’t stop,Go back to the room and find her clothes。