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Xia Jian sitting in the car,Eyes closed,He wondered what happened to Lu Wanting。How should he respond。
Xia Jian with eyes closed,Can feel the speed of this taxi。But a long time,Should have bypassed the downtown area,Just drove towards the suburbs。
When Xia Jian felt the light outside the car window was getting darker,He couldn’t help but opened his eyes。My darling,Turns out the car has reached the suburbs,There are no tall buildings around,No street lights,So the light is dimmed。
The car squeaked to a halt,The driver pointed forward and said:“The place you said has arrived。Why are you here!”The driver looked confused。
The front of the car turned out to be an abandoned factory。Low workshop,It’s broken。Even two big iron doors,The rust is almost falling。
“Nothing,You go first!”Xia Jian glanced at the environment outside the car window,I’m sure where he came from。Because the other party asked him to bring 100,000 yuan in cash,This is blackmail,Dare to be brazen?Isn’t that the courage is too fat?!
Xia Jian pushed the car door and jumped down,He looked around。I was a little flustered to find this ghost place,Because the plant is surrounded by bushes。Fortunately this driver knows here,If this is for someone else,Maybe I can’t find it yet。
Sky at this time,Darkened,Xia Jian took the time to walk to the big iron gate。He found that although the iron gate was tightly closed,Messy footprints at the doorway,And still new。This means that someone went in here just now。
Just when Xia Jianzheng analyzed this problem,His phone rang again。Xia Jian saw that it was Lu Wanting’s call again,He quickly connected。
“Open the big iron gate and come in,Go straight,We are waiting for you on the first floor”A man’s cold voice came on the phone。
Xia Jian responded,Hung up。Then gently push,The big iron gate revealed a gap。Xia Jian tried again,The big iron gate opened。
Xia Jian walked in,Look to both sides。The door of the first floor workshop is open,There are a lot of things piled up in a mess。Walk to the door,Because the light inside is a bit dark,Xia Jian can’t see clearly,So he stopped。
At this time,Suddenly the light turned on。With the sound of footsteps,A light-headed guy came out from behind a bunch of mess。This man is of medium build,Looks a little thin,A pair of rimless round eyes set on the bridge of the nose,Looks a little strange。