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“Candle dragon!”Yin ancestor god,Phoenix’s face is very cold,At this moment, I force a smile,“I asked you to help,Finally looking forward to it。”
Li Ming didn’t care about Phoenix’s smile that was uglier than crying。
Since Zulong was beheaded by Gong Gong,Phoenix has always been this expression。
Only the ancestor gods and the top true gods and ancestor circles know,What is the relationship between Phoenix and Zulong,Friendship with each other to the point of close to life and death。
then,When working together to kill Zulong,The phoenix is flying in the chaos,Otherwise, I’m afraid of co-working。
And for the death of Zulong,Phoenix has always been brooding。
The establishment of the demon heaven,The circles of the ancestors and the top true gods have speculations,Among them is the reason why Phoenix wants to avenge Zulong。
after all,Gong Gong even killed Zulong,Strength alone should be above Phoenix。
Enter the Phoenix Nest of the plane tree,Looking at the decorations full of monster style,Li Ming is also waiting for Phoenix to speak。
Coming this time,It’s Phoenix’s invitation,Li Ming doesn’t know what it is。
Sitting in the cave,Phoenix pondered for a while,Spoke up。