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Test: What do you do when a love enemy comes?

This just implies that their expectations become ideal. Sometimes, when a love enemy appears, such expectations can more truly express their subconscious.

  Answer: A, Jade School B, Creative School C, Sexy School D, Avant-garde School A, innocent appearance, innocence and cuteness, and the girl who speaks with a voice is your old enemy on the road of love.Maybe it ‘s pretending to be innocent, and she is the true identity of geeks. If your boyfriend has such a woman, then please be careful.

  B, you are a person who doesn’t care about yourself, and thinks that having a boyfriend is everything, so a smart and capable girl can easily eclipse you.

It’s better if she only has the theory but not the practice, otherwise you still pay close attention to your boyfriend to avoid being snatched away.

  C, you often think in this way: the angel face, the devil’s figure, is a woman who likes to steal someone ‘s boyfriend and husband, she wo n’t take you into account at all, and will take your boyfriend more.

But don’t be afraid, this woman won’t just fall in love with a man, she will shift the target as time goes by.

  , Otherwise you will be at your own risk.