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Several “Tips” to Meet in the Workplace

The taboos of speaking: There are no perfect people in the world, and casually talking about other people’s weaknesses or revealing the privacy of others will not only hinder the reputation of others, but also enough to show that you are mean.
If you preach out the one-sided words that you have heard, you will reverse the right and wrong, confuse the black and white, and you wo n’t be able to take it back when you say it.
  Interpersonal relationships are mostly so complicated that it is not advisable to talk nonsense if you don’t know the inside story.
There is a kind of person in the society who is very good at helping the situation, making other people’s right and wrong compelling, and exaggerating each other and saying that there are not many tragedies in the world.
When talking about others, don’t criticize others behind one-sided observations unless it is a good criticism.
  Not many things in daily life are worth our friendship to argue and win.
But you do it this way, as if your spirit and time are worthless, not to mention the damage to your relationship.
All disputes should be avoided except that they can be modest about each other, have no prejudice, and have a special discussion on a certain issue. Even if this is an academic debate, you don’t need to think that this debate is to promote the spirit of culture.
  People do wrong, or do something bad. As long as he tells you automatically, he may still confess his mistakes frankly. If you point it out, then he must have various reasons to justify his mistakes.
Therefore, it is impossible to absolutely not criticize others. What we want to study is how to criticize.
  It is unwise to argue with people when talking about yourself.
One of the worst things is to brag about yourself in front of others, to take pride in yourself and despise everything, to ignore the opinions of others, and to brag about yourself. Those who are educated will not talk about themselves casually, let alone boast.
Not to mention bragging yourself, instead of bragging, you should show humility, maybe you think you are great, but others do not necessarily agree, hold yourself, never hold too high.
A boastful word is a seed of evil, which grows from your mouth in the hearts of others, and grows offensive buds.
  Do not deliberately make things difficult for people, and eloquence must behave correctly and flexibly.
  After listening to the other party’s words, I found that one of them disagreed, and immediately raised an objection, and the other party immediately thought that their opinions had been rejected, which is of course a serious matter.
The reason you are doing this is to ease the air of conversation.
  Don’t make people think that you have wiped everything out of him, and you don’t recognize his benefits at all, so that the conversation can go on smoothly.
On the contrary, this is what makes others talk to you and thinks that it is worth considering. There is no falsehood or bragging.
  Don’t repeat the same topic all the time, don’t complain and complain about it everywhere. Complaining and complaining is not a good way to win sympathy. The basic attitude of being a person should be the same.
  Speaking gestures / gestures are external manifestations of the inner state. They are completely determined by your own emotions, feelings, and interests. A gesture from the heart is not as good as the one thousand rules indicate.
The more the truth is revealed, the more natural the movements and gestures.
Sometimes because of the happy mood, I waved my hands in the air, sometimes because of the sadness, I could n’t help but clenched my fist and leaned against my chest tightly; when I was angry, I could n’t help but punch my fist.Action and performance posture are based on natural and flexible elements.
  When a person expresses his opinion, it is indeed worth paying attention to the problem of hand placement.
The following principles should be paid attention to: 1 Do not repeat postures, no matter what kind of posture, repeating will always feel tedious; 2 When making gestures, do not start from the elbow, this will make people feel youThe gesture is unnatural; 3 Do not end the gesture too quickly.
For example, when you reach out and point your finger forward, this gesture is to help you speak, then you must not retract your hand immediately, it is best to wait until you have finished speaking a word before retracting that arm.
  4 If you want to maintain the naturalness of your posture, you must practice it. However, this exercise should be painstaking. Maybe you feel a little reluctant when you practice, but after many days, you can gradually become natural.
  5 You have to be careful not to let your movements or postures reduce the attention of the listener to your speech; many people’s movements are overdone, causing the audience to pay more attention to his movements.
  Chief Career Advisor Mr. Guo Ce has a friendly reminder: There are often meetings in the workplace.
Only by paying attention to reality and art can the best effect of the meeting be achieved.
Mastering some meeting tips will be of great benefit in meeting and communicating with each other.
Eloquence, actions, and conversational materials are all thought and researched. If you think about it, no matter what kind of meeting place or person you are, you can be natural, generous, and not afraid.
Being able to speak freely and decently reflects the demeanor of a professional.
  William James, a famous American psychologist, once wrote the following paragraph: “The action seems to follow the feeling, but in fact the movement and the feeling occur simultaneously, so we use the will to correct the movement directly, that is, to indirectly correct it.Feeling.
For example, we have lost happiness, and the only way to recover is to sit up happily and speak actively, and happiness seems to be with us.
If this method still does not work, then there is no other way.
So when we feel brave, we really become very brave.
Using our entire will to achieve our goal is the best way to replace fear with your bravery.However, you must first prepare for everything, otherwise it will still be difficult to perform.

If you want to say something, after you think it over, you should immediately go out and take a deep breath for half a minute, because taking more oxygen can increase courage.

If you breathe in, you can support yourself.