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How to quickly eliminate fatigue after exercise

After physical exercise, the body will produce a certain amount of fatigue, which is mainly manifested in three aspects: muscle fatigue: muscle strength declines, contraction speed slows down, muscles appear stiff, swelling and pain, slow movements, and uncoordinated.

  Nervous fatigue: unresponsiveness, misjudgment, and inattention.

  Visceral fatigue: shallower and faster breathing, faster heartbeat, etc.

  Due to the different amount of exercise, each person’s situation is different, and the fatigue that is generated varies.

Fatigue is generally classified into three levels: mild, moderate, and very fatigued.

It is normal to feel tired after exercise.

Mild fatigue can be eliminated in a short time; moderate fatigue can be eliminated quickly by appropriate measures without affecting the body; but if severe fatigue cannot be eliminated in time, it will affect learning and life, and injured the body.

Research proves that the two most important conditions for athletes to improve their sports performance are the scientific nature of sports training and the effectiveness of recovery methods, which can obviously eliminate fatigue and restore the nature of physical strength.

  How to expedite the elimination of fatigue?

Here are several methods: 1.

Ensuring sleep Sleep is an important method to eliminate fatigue. Middle school students should ensure 8 hours of sleep per day.

If a large amount of exercise training and tests are arranged within one month before the physical examination, the sleep time should be appropriately extended, and care should be taken to create a quiet, airy sleeping environment.


After finishing exercises and muscle massage exercises, you must stick to finishing activities.

Organizing activities is an active way to rest, which can calm the mind, muscles, and internal organs more uniformly, and improve the efficiency of physical recovery.

  Massage the muscles by pushing, kneading, pinching, pressing, pressing, tapping, a small amount, etc., to expand and open the capillaries in the muscles, improve local blood circulation and nutrition, and thereby accelerate the elimination of waste-lactic acid in muscle movement.So as to achieve the effect of eliminating fatigue.


After warm water bath exercise, warm water bath can accelerate blood circulation throughout the body, promote metabolism, accelerate the elimination of fatigue and physical recovery.

The temperature of the warm water bath is preferably 40 ° C, and the time is generally 10?
15 minutes, no longer than 20 minutes.


Prompt nutrition supplementation in a timely manner is an important means to eliminate fatigue or prevent fatigue.

After exercise, trace amounts, proteins, vitamins and inorganic salts should be added in time. Trace foods are not easy to eat.

In summer or sweating a lot, salt and water should be added in time.

Food should be nutritious and easy to digest, and try to eat more alkaline foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits.