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Eat a three-step meal to eat a good figure

Enjoy life and enjoy “slim” food!

Let you eat a good body!


hzh {display: none; }  如果你能够选择恰当的食物,就算是踏上了成功的第一步。However, when eating, there are actually some places to pay attention to. Once you have mastered the skills of eating, even if you eat outside, you don’t need to lose weight.

  Keep in mind that the three-step meal believes that you will not think that the order of eating is related to slimming.

For people who are losing weight, the best procedure for eating should be to drink soup first (of course, it is best to eat soup), then eat vegetables, melons and other foods that are full of stomach, then you may have seven full, thenEat some rice and meat at a discretion, so as to avoid unconsciously eating too much and reducing the amount of meat.

  Slowly eat slowly, everyone knows that eating and vomiting not only hinders digestion, but also makes you “don’t know full”, invisibly eating too much.

Going out to eat, often with friends, it is best to chat with friends while eating, you can reduce the speed of eating.

But the content, not to be confused by the happy and lively atmosphere, forget to shape “people eat me and eat”, should be appropriate, see the full charge.

  Still eating at home, although remembering the above tips, you can greatly reduce the chance of low fattening when you go to eat, but in the restaurant outside the street, in the process of cooking food, you must pickle the food, or add seasonings, make foodThe taste is rich and delicious, foods with too much MSG or high salt content have a certain impact on health, so it must be avoided.

  In addition, the dishes in the restaurant are fried, fried, and fried. It is hard to choose to keep your body shape. Therefore, to lose weight, it is best to stay at home and personally prepare healthy recipes!