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C Ronaldo is the first person to attract gold! Earn 2 every second.5 USD
Cristiano Ronaldo’s annual salary in Real Madrid is as high as 17 million euros. Although this number is not the first in the world (Messi’s annual salary in Barcelona is 20 million euros), he is more business-minded and he has become the most profitable athlete in the world.Ronaldo has become the first person to attract gold in sports. According to the figures provided by the research institute Blue Fire Broadband, the Portuguese superstar Ronaldo has a revenue of 2 per second.At $54, such efficiency made him the first person in sports.Initially, Ronaldo’s daily income was 21.90,000 US dollars, and a year’s full income is 80.1 million US dollars.In addition to the wages and bonuses he holds when playing football, Ronaldo also has many advertising contracts.At the same time, with the success on the pitch, Portuguese stars even promoted their fashion brand CR7 and became the boss.Messi is slightly inferior to Ronaldo in terms of money-making ability. According to statistics, Messi can earn 2 per second.$05, ranked third in this sports figure’s money list.  The second place in the rankings comes from the basketball field. The American star LeBron James has a profitability of 25 cents per second than Ronaldo.LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are currently on a short-term contract with an annual salary of $20 million.However, the “Marca” analysis, after the NBA reached a new TV broadcast contract, LeBron James’ annual salary will increase a lot, which may make him surpass C Ronaldo in the future to become the first person to attract gold.(Muli Sand)