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“Arrogant human,The middle level dare to challenge me when you ask the gods,I’ll beat you until I beg grandpa!”
“it is good,As long as you have this ability,But don’t lose face by yourself then,After all, I am not particularly happy,and so……very sorry!”
Xia Chenglong finished,The original strength began to rise,With the help of dragon,Now he is completely able to integrate these forces。
So when his eyes turned golden,Behind him, there seems to be a golden dragon flying in the clouds,Roaring,Send out dissatisfaction。
The dragon is the top creature in the world,In the world of spirit beasts, it is the sole position。
Even if it’s the Azure Ape Python,I feel uncomfortable under this pressure!
Chapter nine hundred and eleven Acknowledge
Azure Ape Python is eager to attack,Without a word, he raised his fist and smashed it over。
Xia Chenglong nodded secretly from the moment the opponent started,Is it someone who wants to reach that level?,Although the other party has no artistic conception,But master another power,And this force also has a limiting effect on nature。
Heavy pressure directly from top to bottom,As if the whole person is in a strong gravity field,Let the body’s functions become dull at this moment。
but……Better than this,He has not been afraid of anyone yet?
“Everything fades!”