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In rural areas,Rich family,Would never join the army,Eat national food。And Lao Zhou went,This is enough to show that his family background is very ordinary,Even in the middle and lower reaches of the local。
“Lao Zhou,If you can pick up a good bloodstone with everyone,I think I can eat together and wait for death。”Wen Wenhao joked。
Lao Zhou walks ahead,I just pulled out a set of bristlegrass on the side of the road,Bite on the mouth,I’m a little bit hungry:“How easy it is?So many workers here are fools?Rich,Always just a few people。”
He can see,After all, my family has been up for generations,Are struggling in this quarry,The dream of generations,Can find a good stone,Then get rich overnight。
however,Gave their family a slap in the face for generations。
Old Zhou’s Grandpa,Worked for more than 40 years,I have never found good quality bloodstones alone。After all, if you do it alone,One’s power is very limited,Can’t do it from afar。
these years,Good bloodstone,Discovered almost every month,But it’s not my own!
Wen Wenhao kicked his ass,Dumbfounding:“Can you dream?What if it happens?”
“That is really Amitabha,I will offer incense to the Buddha’s old man。”Lao Zhou rolled his eyes,I feel that this buddy just thinks too much。
He said,Really precious,Actually those“Big red pouch”、“Red hat”、“Liu Guanzhang”、“Sunset red clouds”、“Rising sun”、“Yunkai sunrise”、“Xuelihongmei”And other treasures。
Want to meet this kind of baby,Even the mining companies are lucky。
“It’s all luck anyway,What if we run into it!”Hu Yang smiled。
Lao Zhou stopped arguing with everyone,Walk forward quickly。
“Red hat?”Hua Zi looked at Brother Hu,a little confused。
“Big red pouch”,Brother Hu once told everyone what happened。
Hu Yang explained to Hua Tsai and the audience in the live broadcast room:“The so-called red hat,It means that the upper part of the bloodstone handicraft is whole blood,Frozen stone at the bottom,The blood content of the finished product1/3about,Like a red hat,Very beautiful。This kind of bloodstone,Production is quite scarce。”
and“Liu Guanzhang”Refers to blood color and red texture、black、White three-color square seal、Ancient-shaped badges and other crafts。Represent Liu Bei in white、Black represents Zhang Fei、Red is named after Guan Gong。