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“Oh!Them!but,What do you want me to see them doing?”Lin Yuner asked questioningly。
After Xiao Fan sighed,,I just said to Lin Yoona:“Not when you were just now,Asked me what I was thinking?I was thinking about the two of them!”
“They?What do they think,How beautiful this scenery is!”Lin Yoona said with a smile。
Yes,From Lin Yuna’s point of view,It is true that there is no need to see them both,After all,Lin Yuner couldn’t see the two people who suffered even more damage because of Xiao Fan,but,The appearance of the two of them,Especially with,Before the two of them,Something unpleasant to her,so,The two of them must have affected Lin Yoona’s mood。
so,Since things are over now,So from Lin Yoona’s point of view,Between her and Xiao Fan,It should be that there is no need to mention those two people anymore.!
so,For just now,Xiao Fan said that when she wanted her to see the man and woman,She really can’t understand it!
“It looks like this,Maybe you didn’t notice it just now.,The couple seemed to be arguing just now。”Xiao Fan ignored Lin Yoona’s disinterest now,Still talking to her self-consciously。
Because Xiao Fan believes,As long as I say something like this,,Lin Yuna will definitely be interested。
as expected,When Xiao Fan’s voice fell,Lin Yoona opened her eyes immediately,and,It splits closer to Xiao Fan,Said to him:“what?what?what did you say?The two of them quarreled,Why didn’t i see?”
“Of course you didn’t see it,You from beginning to end,Isn’t your attention focused on the beautiful surroundings??How can you notice the actions of those two little people??”Xiao Fan said with a smile。
Lin Yuner listened,I also nodded directly。
And then after she calmed down for a while,I just said to him directly with a more gossip heart:“Xiao Fan,What do you think,What are they quarreling about??”
Lin Yuna’s words and her appearance,It also immediately caused Xiao Fan’s amusement。
This little girl,as expected,I just can’t help my curiosity。