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Shooting is already a certainty,It depends on when you drop your head!
At the same time, Anyuan and the entire Songjiang area immediately began a round of deep ploughing operations.,Will bring all bad elements that affect public order,All laws,Severe punishment!
Chapter Ninety Four Too straightforward
Now that the security problem has been solved,I certainly do,Continue to invest in hometown。
Boss Luo talked with me,Investment matters!
I talked about the investment plan of the Chinese herbal medicine planting base and breeding base。
The former will invest about 300 million yuan,The latter will invest about 200 million yuan。
Only a lot more!
Boss Luo was so excited。
Because it can really boost the local economy,It will not pollute the environment like some black-hearted capitalists use chemical plants!
Such investment,They are 10,000% welcome!
Boss Luo asked me what kind of cooperation I need,The city will definitely cooperate in all directions and unconditionally。
I need to contract some land,Build two large farms。
One for growing Chinese herbal medicine,Construction of factories for processing Chinese herbal medicines。
One for all kinds of breeding,Build a processing plant for cooked food。
Boss Luo is really an errand person!