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On Pure Innate Enlightenment,I may not be much better than Lin Lei in the original book,But not much difference。And on the speed of practice,My soul mutated as early as the sanctuary period。
Soul mutation,Causes the power of the soul to become stronger。Strong soul,Perhaps an introduction to certain laws、Understanding these two bottlenecks is of little significance。But at least it can make you feel the law,Faster when fusion deduction。
Lei in the war of planes,Should have practiced for no more than four thousand years,But it combines the four profound mysteries in the law of the earth。
Wright himself,I haven’t practiced for four thousand years,Three mysteries of different laws have been integrated,Five mysteries equivalent to the same law。
If you simply consider the speed of practice,,Wright is even faster than the original Lin Lei。
And lei enters the battlefield of the plane,It means Beirut will test。。
And now,Although the relationship between Wright and Beirut is far from the original,Lin Lei and Beirut are so close with Beibei as the bond,But after all, it was also out of Magnolia mainland,And Wright has also been favored by Beirut。
“What exactly is Beirut sending this purple blood demon to do??”
“Mr. Lieshan。。Mr. Lieshan。。。”
The voice of the purple blood devil interrupted Wright’s thinking。
“Did Mr. Lieshan hear what I said??”The purple blood demon frowned。