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Two days after,Pretty good,It seems that the sword spirit dragon has ruled this sea of clouds,After the 9,000-year-old python was severely injured,No creatures dare to approach。
Theoretically,How can Jianlinglong and Xiaobai protect themselves?,I can also go to Yunjing to practice with Nan Lingsha,But there is actually so much aura,Going by yourself is equivalent to snatching Nan Lingsha’s resources。
Say good one person two days。
On the next day,The oblivion was forcibly called back into the spirit realm,And Nan Lingsha’s practice method has obviously changed,Obviously the artist who was practicing in Yunjing the next day was the artist sister-in-law。
What is the realm of the artist’s cultivation?,Zhu Minglang really can’t figure it out。
She dealt with Yunzhonghe who was close to the quasi-jun level,It’s easy to think about it。
Strength,The painter Nan Lingsha should be stronger。
So far, Zhu Minglang has not seen the painter Nan Lingsha meet a well-rounded opponent,When I wake up,Although Nan Lingsha has been quietly watching,But many times, Zhu Minglang felt the uncontrollable eagerness in Nan Lingsha’s eyes。
This eagerly,It’s not that she is obsessed with her heroism,After admiring yourself, you can secretly promise,But she wants to challenge herself。
She is more interested in the opponents of the mortal,Self in the state of sword awakening,It’s also equivalent to a Sword Master,Probably not a team,Nan Lingsha will be the first to stand up,There is no Huo Shangjun、Wen Mengru、What happened to the monk。