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Actually these things,It’s already very simple。
When seeing here,In fact, Wang Teng is very indifferent。
“Yep,I know,You are the daughter of the head of the Wei family。”
When Wang Teng said these words,When Wei Shasha looked at Wang Teng,obviously,deep in the heart,Inevitably still a little touched。
But the more so,While seeing here,Wei Shasha’s heart,All of a sudden,I don’t know what to say。
And looking at this scene,at this time,Wei Shasha looked over here。
While seeing here,Wei Shasha is a little curious。
“In this case,Then when you first approached me,Is there any purpose??”
in fact,For these,Wang Teng shook his head。
“No,to be frank,Really not at all。”
“But then again,You came here,your family,Do you all know?”
Wang Teng finished,Wei Shasha shook her head at Wang Teng。
“Do not,My family members,They don’t know yet。”
this matter,Wei Shasha came out secretly。
What a joke?