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Kimchi to lose weight 9 days thin 5 kg kimchi diet

What can you eat to lose weight and take care of food and health, so that people who want to lose weight by diet recipes can stick to the end?

Kimchi is a good helper to make you slim down.

Below, combined with the recommended kimchi diet method, we will create a quick and thin diet recipe for you. As long as you persist for 9 days, you can witness the miracle that makes you slim down.

  First, the principle of kimchi to lose weight Once some people have been very opposed to eating kimchi, that “eat kimchi is easy to cause cancer.”

They believe that kimchi contains carcinogenic nitrite.

Encyclopedia said that Chen Yunbin told us that in fact, this statement is unscientific, eating high-quality kimchi will not cause cancer, it is also very good for people’s body, and kimchi is one of the preferred foods for healthy weight loss.

  In fact, the sourness in kimchi is caused by the decomposition of sugars in cabbage by lactic acid bacteria. Lactic acid has no carcinogenicity at all, and it also promotes digestion.

In addition, many kimchi are made using crushed peppers and garlic. It does not require much salt, so it is a healthy food with low plasma content and low heat energy content.

  Second, the secret of making kimchi is that there are two big secrets in making kimchi: one is the fine shrimp sauce, the other is the main ingredient of kimchi: chili powder, which seems ordinary, but it is an alternative raw material that is difficult to find elsewhere.

For example, Korean red pepper is very special, not too spicy, rich in aroma, even a little sweet, even if the pepper is used a lot, so that people do not feel spicy.

  Third, kimchi slimming tips 1, low degeneration and high efficiency antibacterial effect Kimchi conversion is very low, but rich in microorganisms and minerals.

During the fermentation process, kimchi inhibits the growth of bad bacteria by the action of lactic acid bacteria, and promotes the secretion of proteolytic enzyme-pepsin in fermentation, normalizes the distribution of microbes in the intestine, and helps maintain a healthy environment in the body.

Initial health, constipation caused too much natural solution.

  2, the main material to activate body function kimchi, pepper can promote the secretion of gastric juice, long sleeves help digestion of the stomach; the use of rich vitamins also has anti-acidification, and can help physiological metabolism, increase appetite and promote blood circulation.

Chili, garlic and onion ginger in kimchi can promote metabolism in the body and help the body to sweat.

  3, to maintain good health as the main substance of kimchi cabbage is extremely low, garlic has the effect of burning accident, converted into a large number of supplemental fiber, can prevent constipation and enteritis, prevent slight accumulation and effectively burn the already formed misfortune, make the body lighter.
  4, the best time to lose weight and eating methods City surface kimchi has spicy (Korean) and not spicy (Japanese).

To lose weight, of course, the more spicy, the more effective, but if your stomach is not good, it is not recommended to choose spicy kimchi, although not spicy slimming effect is a bit weaker, but because of the low volume, it is also a good slimming alternative to other foods.
  Fourth, kimchi diet recipes for the first day of lunch: kimchi a dish + rice no noodles (half bowl) dinner: ginseng chicken soup (only eat chicken soup, do not need to eat too much glutinous rice) the next day lunch: Korean grain rice dinner:Cooked Beef + Cucumber Pickles Day 3 Lunch: Cucumber Seafood Pot Dinner: Cucumber Pickles + Rice Or Noodles (Half Bowl) Reminder: This recipe is a course of 3 days, if you can stick to it, plus the right amount of exercise, 9At least 5 pounds can be lost in the future.

Breakfast can be chosen according to your eating habits.