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suddenly,What did the canoe lightly touch,The boat body trembles slightly,Let Zhu Minglang wake up from his thoughts。
Arrived so soon,Is it the island in the lake?,Or by the Liulin Lake?
I wish Minglang stand up slowly,Looked behind,But found myself still in the vast inner courtyard lake,The blue waves rippling around are soft and charming。
And what my boat hits is not the shore,Is another Ye Xiaozhou,Still looking at the boat that looks very familiar。
On the boat,There is a beautiful and graceful woman,The perfect body curve comes into view without warning,I can’t help but feel dry,When I raise my eyes to stare at the face of the other person,There is a feeling of throbbing。
This stunning,All at once occupied my mind。
I wish Minglang a little lost,Finally I had to smile apologetically,Polite way:“It turned out to be Lingsa,Are you coming for rafting too?”
She didn’t speak,Just stand there,Beautiful eyes surpass all the scenery of this inner courtyard lake,Just watching Zhu Minglang。
“Is there anything to worry about??”Zhu Minglang asked inexplicably。
“No。”She shook her head。
“I was thinking,I wanted to wait for Yunzi to come to the capital,Let’s go back to Lichuan together,There is no need to stay here until the New Year celebration right now,Wait a few days off,We will go back to Lichuan,Good?”Zhu Minglang asked。
“I want to walk around,Not going back to Lichuan for now。”
“what?”Zhu Minglang scratched his head,After a while,“Then we may have to separate first,Girl Lingsha walks on the Great Court Continent alone,Still be careful。”
Ugh,The team of Dragon Shepherd,Dismantled like this again。
Where do I go in the future to hire a mortal who does not require a salary to escort me??
I don’t know if the lady is willing to walk around with herself,If I can bring her,Let yourself be a god!
Say,Lai Yunzi should be interested in exploring this world,It can be seen from discussing Wutu with herself before。
At present, the Zulong city state has stopped fighting,Until the New Year’s Day, it will not be violated by other polar nations.,And there will be a half autumn and a whole winter at the New Year’s Day,After returning to Lichuan, you can ask Li Yunzi,Would you like to walk around with yourself,Perfectly enjoy the two-person world……Three people are good,If that prophet Li Xing painting counts。
This is a good idea!