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The three major whitening fruits are getting more and more white

In addition to daily external maintenance and good whitening habits, fruits with whitening effects are best eaten every day.

They are the secret weapon that makes you white from the inside out: Lemon-White King King Lemon is rich in vitamin C and can be called the “king of whitening”.

Lemon is a citrus fruit with a very high cosmetic value.

Lemon has a very obvious whitening effect, and it is also a frequently added ingredient in many whitening products. A large amount of vitamin C can promote metabolism, whiten and lighten spots, narrow pores, soften aging keratin, and make skin fair and shiny. Medical education.
  Tips for eating lemons: Although lemon has a beauty effect, it is extremely acidic, and you ca n’t eat it as big as other fruits. Soaking honey or tea with lemon should be a better way. Cut two slices and soak them in white water.Very good drink.

  Kiwi-White + Hydra Kiwi is also called Kiwi, known as “beauty gold mine”, because it is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements and mineralsMaterial is a veritable “beauty fruit”.

Vitamin C can effectively inhibit the oxidation of dopene in the skin, interfere with the formation of melanin, prevent pigmentation, and keep the skin fair and transparent.

  Tips for eating kiwi fruit: It is best to eat kiwi fruit in the morning or morning so that the nutrients in it can be absorbed more fully and better.

Vitamin C is easy to lose and easy to oxidize. Therefore, eating kiwifruit should be fresh and should not be left for long.

A kiwi fruit should be eaten at one time, it should not be kept, to avoid oxidation and lose the whitening effect.

  Cherries-Let the skin shine through red. Cherries have been a beauty fruit since ancient times. Cherry juice and skin are white and ruddy, and even wrinkles are cleared. Many whitening products are often added with cherry extract.

Fresh cherries contain a large amount of iron, which can increase the content of hemoglobin and make the complexion ruddy.

The rich vitamin C in cherries moisturizes the whitening skin and effectively resists the formation of melanin.

In addition, the fruit acids contained in cherries can also promote the formation of cuticles.

  Cherry picking tips: Cherries are supplementary fruits and are easy to break, so be sure to handle them lightly; when you buy cherries, you should choose a fruit with a bright luster and a bright skin. If you ca n’t finish eating, it is best to -1Store under cold storage at ℃.

  Top 10 Whitening Problem Expert Answers Dermatologists specifically answer the whitening questions that everyone is most concerned about. Are these questions the whitening confusion you are experiencing?

  Question: What is the reason for dull skin and darker race?

  Answer: There are four reasons for the dull race and dark race: 1.

1. Dull skin is formed due to the accumulation of waste keratin; 2.

2. Melanin deposits are formed due to external pollution such as sunlight; 3.

Poor skin microcirculation and blood stasis; 4.

Produced by skin oxidation.

  Question: I want to reverse the fate of black races from an early age. Is there any way?

  A: To be honest, whitening has its limits. From a young age, the skin is black and black. Of course, it is impossible to have Snow White skin. However, you can still go through the system process from head to toe, sunscreen + keratin metabolism products + whitening essence + circulation promotion massageProduct + proper medical treatment + diet life conditioning, make your complexion look fairer, and what you have to do is definitely not one-sided, short-term homework, another long, leak-free whitening system project, every whitening can involveDeclarations are essential.

  Q: Can regular exfoliation improve skin tone?

  A: Sometimes we do not wash our face clean because of laziness, which causes dirt to accumulate in the pores, the stratum corneum becomes thicker and thicker, the skin loses transparency, and it appears grayish and dull. If you use exfoliating products at this time,The effect of the receipt is very good, so we recommend that you regularly use exfoliating products, remove the dead horny and clean the dirt in the pores.

  Q: How to keep whitening ingredients fresh?

  A: Whitening products, due to the special nature of their ingredients, always do everything possible to maintain the activity and stability of their products, such as changing mutant vitamin C to stable vitamin C derivatives, and whitening products are more sensitive to temperature and light.It is sensitive. Therefore, it is best to follow the principle of using it within 6 months after opening the whitening product, otherwise the efficacy will be greatly reduced.

  Q: Can I still use whitening products after pregnancy?

  A: “Expectant mothers” can use whitening products.

First, whitening skin care products act on the epidermis and dermis of the skin and will not enter the blood circulation, so it will not cause effects on the fetus. Second, the skin of the “mother-in-law” may become weak and its resistance to ultraviolet rays is weakened.In fact, the use of sunscreen products is even more necessary. During pregnancy, the complexion may become dull, and the whitening mask is also suitable for “expectant mothers” to use.

Aromas and essential oils need to be used with caution, and makeup can be minimized, but basic skin care products such as protection and moisturization should still be adhered to and essential.

  Q: Whitening is not effective for certain types of spots?

  Answer: After all, whitening skin care products are not medicines and cannot penetrate deep into the dermis and subcutaneous tissue of the skin, so it cannot resolve age spots and spots caused by innate inheritance and endocrine.

  Question: In the whitening products, do cleansing and lotion really have a whitening effect?

  A: Whitening cleansing and toning lotion both have their own functions. They are both an integral part of the whitening process. Maybe its active ingredients are not as high as the essence, so they are often ignored.

In fact, cleansing is the first time to help the entire whitening and maintenance, it can metabolize the horny and melanin floating on the skin surface, and some can inhibit skin inflammation; lotion can soften the horny, help the skin to clean again, beat betterAbsorbs subsequent essential ingredients.

  Q: Many brands have more than a dozen whitening products. What are the first choices for so many whitening products?  A: I hope to improve the bones of the whole face. The use of the essence is necessary. This is usually the star product of the brand. For the spotting problem, in addition to the basic whitening maintenance, you should first consider the whitening essence with more masks; there are blackPeople with trouble under the eyes can choose whitening eye cream. Of course, for any woman, there is a product that must be mentioned, that is, a thin, breathable sunscreen with multiple protections.

  Q: I often face computers. What should I pay attention to when replacing whitening products?

  A: The most important thing for computer-based whitening products is protection and recycling.

First of all, you must apply SPF sunscreen before the computer to help you block the computer’s radiation. Second, you must thoroughly remove and clean your makeup after using the computer, because the static electricity on the computer screen will cause dust to stay.In your shell, clogged pores.

In addition, use whitening massage cream to promote blood circulation to the skin and remove old dead skin cells.

  Q: Will poor mood cause whitening failure?

  A: In the process leading to pigmentation and melanin excess, stress plays an important role. Internal emotional stress will stimulate nerve endings to release the pressure signal CGRP and stimulate melanocyte synthesis and production.

  Q: Will whitening products make skin alternatives?

Not useless?

  A: No.

The person asking this question must first understand what they want when choosing a whitening product. Whitening skincare is not surgery or medicine. It will protect the skin at the same time as it slowly dilutes melanin.The effect varies from person to person. Expectations for whitening skin care products should be rational. Don’t put it on “curative”, use safe and gentle whitening products as much as possible every day, and do sun protection.