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The beauty in the peaked cap was going to go,Hear this sentence,Look back in shock,Staring at Lu Menglin。
The handsome guy in sportswear frowned directly,Staring at Lu Menglin with an unhappy expression。
Although Liu Yi and the others think that Lu Menglin is a bit too much,But still very loyal,Face each other。
“It’s useless to just play around,I hate boys who don’t admit it!”Beautiful girl in peak cap coldly said。
“Haha!The great leader Grandpa Mao said,There is no right to speak without investigation,You haven’t beaten me,How do you know how bad your Athena is?”Lu Menglin shrugged,Smile indifferently。
“What did you say?Are you looking for death??”That muscular man can’t hear the country boy spraying his little girl,Roar loudly。
“It’s so loud!Try calling again!”Liu Yi does my part,Glaring at each other,The two are like two cockfighting,The tension is on the verge of。
At this moment,The beauty in the peaked cap frowned,Sneered:“enough!Don’t you just want to fight me?I play a game with you!If you lose,Just learn three dog barks obediently,dare?”
“You don’t have to bark if you lose!Just take back the dog character。”Lu Menglin replied unceremoniously。
Now that the beauty agreed to fight with Lu Menglin,Everyone stopped saying anything immediately,Have gathered up again,Watching these two people fight each other。
Lu Menglin put a coin in,Turned onPKmode。
He chose Asamiya Athena for the first second without hesitation,Then I chose Robert and Iori,And ranked Asamiya Athena first。
Xiaosi next to him took a look at his formation,Nodded immediately,Talk to yourself:“Ugh!Why didn’t I think of this way,Choose the same character as her,Maybe you can fight!”
Lu Menglin heard Xiaosiyan’s babble,Secretly funny,This is not the same thing at all。
If the four eyes choose Asamiya Athena,I’ll still be beaten so I can’t find North。
This character is not the main character of Lu Menglin,Just practice hands occasionally,But Lu Menglin has more than 20 years of combat experience!All the moves of Asamiya Athena,Seamless combo,He knows everything。
Seeing the other party actually chose Asamiya Athena as the first character to play,The beauty in the peaked cap dare not care,Sacrifice Asamiya Athena again、Liana and Mai Shiranui three girls camp。
First round,Athena vs. Athena。