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Look at those world-class automakers,Which one does not have its own software development department?
Why is there“The OEM is actually givingECUFactory part-time job”The statement?Not because ofECUHas gradually changed from“Computer system for controlling engine fuel injection”Gradually developed into“The brain that controls a car”?
ECUAnd automatic transmission control systemTCUDevelopment,Always in Chen Geng’s plan,It’s just that Chen Geng thinks it’s not the time yet,But if there is a team proficient in program development join in……
“of course,”Although I feel happy,On the surface, Chen Geng is calm:“Our company does have the idea of forming a software development department recently。”
Is it a young man,Just can’t hold back,Hearing Chen Geng said that Fernandez already had the idea of forming a software development department,Garrett2000A group of young people subconsciously stare at each other,A little excited in my eyes。
Looking at Garrett2000The reaction of these young people,Chen Geng suddenly understood,They really plan to hug their big thick legs。As for Garrett2000Why do these guys want to join Fernandez,Think about the pie I just painted for them,Look at their current office conditions,It doesn’t seem to be difficult to understand。
Since it’s recruiting talents,Then be polite to the talents,Chen Geng did not deliberately go around,Especially those engaged in technology,He was once a member of this group,It is clear that this group is generally somewhat“House”,But because of the house,Can’t accept the intrigue and deception in the mall,You can make it clear from the beginning,But cheating is absolutely impossible。
I want to open my mouth but I am not embarrassed、Chevat with a flushed face·Egarford and his friends,Chen Geng said very empathetic:“Mr. Egarford,Garrett2000Gentlemen,I probably understand what you mean……
of course!
Fernandez welcomes all talented young people to join,Especially you。”
Heard Chen Geng’s words,Chevat·Egarford and his friends breathed a sigh of relief:so far so good,It’s fine if you don’t have the embarrassment of being rejected by the other party!
Chevat·Egarford is the boss,He also made this proposal,So although he is also very excited,But with public and private,He must help the brothers fight for better treatment,So he resisted the excitement in his heart to Chen Gengdao:“Mr,we……”
“I know,Do you want to ask what kind of treatment you can get,right?”Ranging from Chevat·Egarford finished,Chen Geng said。
“Ha ha……”Chevat·Egarford is a little embarrassed。
Chen Geng continued:“Although we haven’t dealt with,But since your ability in program development can be obtainedDECRecognition,Then I believe your abilities are the best in Silicon Valley and even the United States,So you are worthy of the proud personal treatment and future development space。”
Speaking of which,Chen Geng paused on purpose,Observe their reaction。
really,Garrett2000’S guys look very happy。
Chen Geng smiled inwardly,Is it a young man?,So foolish。