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Chapter 52 bribery
Han Yuxiang was born in a scholarly family,But the Korean language Xiang has not been passed down to the family’s quiet and elegant,Instead, she became impatient。
It’s been a long time since I sat next to Xiang Chen,But Xiang Chen still shows no signs of speaking,So Han Yuxiang can’t wait,Open all the silent situations with one punch。
Xiang Chen never thought that he would be lying on the ground well,Suddenly a disaster,Coughed a few times,Xiang Chen only felt that he had to cough up his throat。
“Don’t look dying!Sit up and talk to me!”
Korean Xiangjiao screamed,But Xiang Chen still didn’t immediately be by his side like a loyal dog,Watching the flow of people coming and going in pairs,The anger that Korean Xiang had died down instantly rose again。
Turn your head and look towards Xiang Chen,If you really look like a torch,I believe Xiang Chen is already full of flames。
But Xiang Chen still curled up,It’s been a long time since Xiang Chen responded,Han Yuxiang couldn’t help but grab Xiangchen,Until I saw the pain on the latter’s face,Han Yuxiang was also taken aback。
“Xiang Chen, what’s wrong with you?”
Seeing Xiang Chen,Even if Korean Xiang is mentally retarded, he knows that Xiang Chen has suffered serious injuries.。
“Can’t die,If you can call an ambulance for me。”
Xiang Chen looks painful,Previously, Cang Fuxue had only broken bones,I’m afraid it will be more serious now,But for a while, I didn’t know how to explain to Han Yuxiang,After all, the IQ of Korean,Xiang Chen still learned。
Korean Xiang hesitated,Call an ambulance at my father’s site?Lived with my father for more than 20 years,Useless is a scholar Korean Xiang has never experienced,But the book business is like a knife,That one cut,Han Yuxiang feels that he has been cut off by his father for more than 20 years!Now if the old man knows that he put a takeaway boy into the ambulance,Even if my police career is over。