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“I’ll go together!”Zhang Tufu took a deep breath,“Now nationwide,Do not,Monster disasters all over the world,We as warriors,When the bloody death fight,There is no way to withdraw,There is no way to go back!”
Pohu,The largest lake in southern China,Bred countless lives—-At the same time, it is now the third largest gathering place for monsters in southern China.。
On the shore of Pohu Lake,A lot of fish monsters、The amphibious monster is hitting the land,In the sky, there are also a large number of birds and monsters madly swooping to attack the positions of the human army.。
“Boom boom boom!”Roar,Rows of howitzers fired in turns,Attack on the lake。
These howitzers are the latest equipment,155mmCaliber,Enough to destroy hard military buildings in war,The sound waves stimulated can kill people alive。
Ordinary police firearms,It’s useless against slightly stronger monsters,And this kind of hot weapon used by humans for war,But showed a terrifying side。
A monster that is terrifying for human individuals,All torn apart by gunfire。
Soon,Blood flowing on the lake,The bodies of many monsters are floating on the water。The corpses of these monsters quickly became food for other monsters,Eaten by other monsters。
The water becomes calm,But the army did not relax。
“Roar!”A pale gold one-horned white monster jumped out of the lake fiercely。Body over twenty meters,As if made of silver,Body glowing with cold,The proportion is far greater than that of the huge fins of normal fish.,Glide in the air like wings,Graceful。
However, the soldiers did not appreciate,Instead, my heart is full of fear and anger!
The tip of the white fish monster’s fin is like a war knife,With the body‘Swimming’,Ripped the steel easily。