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whats the matter?
You said,If you can help me definitely go all out。”
Guan Yunzheng did not have a chance to compensate Li with the wind,After all, Li will give him the power of the price.,I can even be inherited.。
At first, he still didn’t know that Li Hui Feng gave something so good.,But since he also knew that he can also be stupid,I don’t want to thank Li Hui。
“Hey-hey,I want to let the big brother get some pig seedlings.,It is the kind of very dark pig。”
“Forehead,What you said is a Buckstel??”
Although the pork in the Bucks, pork is a bit expensive.,But in the country of the country, there is only dozens of dollars a pound.。
And ordinary pork is alone between the United States and the United States to five US dollars.。
“exactly,Is this kind of pork in your side??”
“Um,good,How many heads do you want?,I am looking for a ship to give you back.。”
Guan Yunlian has not said,Directly ask how much Lee is with the wind?。
“Forehead,A thousand heads,Be sure to pig,Don’t castrate,The best public master is mixed,I am going back, I will cultivate myself.。”
“Row,no problem,One thousand five hundred,In case soil, there will be death.。”
Li Hui Feng did not expect Guan Yun and understood these。
“Hey-hey,That’s more than the big brother.,How much is it?,Guan Da Ge said directly,I will transfer you directly.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Guan Yun laughed directly。
“Lee brother,You are too looked too much.,Those things you give me are invaluable.,Compared to such a few pigs, it is not comparable.。”
“Forehead,Guan Da Ge,Can I not remember what to give you?,You won’t be misunderstood.?
Will it be someone else giving you?”
Li Hui said in the clouds of the clouds,Some unclear。
“Hey-hey,Is it too long??”
“Oh,This.,I haven’t used this.,If you have learned that you can treat the ills of your original body.,I didn’t think about the reward problem.。”
Li Hui is also bitter.,He didn’t expect Guan Yun, I want to return this person who taught to the opponent Taiji.。
“Haha, this is not a remuneration,Just my little heart,okay,This is so fixed.,Let me contact you first.,I have news, I will call you.。”
Hang up the phone,Guan Yun directly dialed several numbers,Soon, Li Hui, the extreme black pig, who has sent it, sent to the domestic ship.。
When I learned that Guan Yun has already transported pigs to China,Li Hui is also shocked.。
Why didn’t he think of Guan Yun’s speed is so fast?,I have to have a month according to his expectation.。
Sales for half a month,I have already been running.,This speed makes him feel some incredible。
I learned that all of the black pigs have been on the way.,Li Hui Feng also contacts everyone directly,Start discounting the problem of rights division of pig farm。
Zhao Pengyu, etc. have been waiting for a long time this day.,The Spring Festival is this time he has a wine every day.,I said that the pig farm said that he said,Even now, Zhaojia Village believes that the pig farm is Zhao Pengyu.。
When Li Hui came to Zhaojia Village,Zhao Pengyu is also enthusiastic.。
“Hey-hey,Xiao Li,Do you have something to say before??”
Seventh 87th chapter