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Xia Jian in the bed didn’t feel sleepy。After this change,Makes his mood extremely complicated。Things in this world really confirm what a famous person said。that is“What your eyes see may not be true”。
At dawn,Xia Jiancai fell asleep in a daze。He sleeps very comfortably this time,Didn’t even have a dream。It’s ten o’clock,He can wake up。
At this time,There was a knock on the door。Xia Jian quickly got dressed and opened the door,Found Lu Qian in a police uniform standing outside the door。
“You quickly turn on your phone,Your deputy mayor of Pingdu City called our director”When Lu Qian saw Xia Jian,Said anxiously。Xia Jian just remembered that he had turned off his phone during the questioning last night。
Xia Jian ran back to the room and just turned on the phone,The call came in。Tong Jie called,One call,Tong Jie asked loudly:“Are you OK!Why did the phone turn off?“
“Nothing,Don’t worry,I will go by car now,I should be able to return to Pingyang Town at night“Xia Jian called Tong Jie back,Greet Lu Qian to sit down。
After Lu Qian waited for Xia Jian to hang up,,Only then smiled slightly:“Our chief asked me to represent him,Apologize。Due to the particularity of this case,So I didn’t follow the normal procedure when I asked you,It’s just a notification from our public security system。Please tell your leader about this,Long live forgiveness”
“Hi!Are you polite!I know what to do。Then I should start,Goodbye!”Xia Jian said,Readily stretched out his hand,Shook Lu Qian。
Lu Qian took a breath,Smiled and said:“Sorry,Due to work discipline,I lied to you for so long,I believe you can understand,Later in the province,You can find me to drink and chat”
“Hahahaha!Officer Lu is also a lover,it is good!Let’s make a decision”Xia Jian finished,Started to pack things up。
Quit the room,Lu Qian took Xia Jian to the train station in a police car,This is a bit reluctant to wave goodbye,After all, everyone is a little familiar together。Say goodbye,I don’t know it’s the year of the monkey again。