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People’s Network Beijing November 17 (Li Bo) This afternoon, Beijing held a new coronary virus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control No. 262 news conference.

Wang Fuyi, deputy director of the Beijing Drug Administration, introduced the city’s inspection and supervision and control responsibility.

From the perspective of the responsibility of the drug store epidemic prevention and control, one is to do a good job in the ventilation, killing, entering the store to measure the temperature and sweep code, and carry out an epidemiological inquiry, strengthen the health management of enterprises. The second is to continue to do a good job in the real name registration report system for the prevention and control of drugs, and establish a list of "four types of drugs" sales in our store. The third is to send the "four types of drugs" purchase information and send a return visit to the epidemic prevention and control department designated by each district.

The fourth is the Internet drug sales enterprise, in accordance with the principle of "online line" principle, real-name registration of drug information, real-time pick-up drug store responsible for distribution, the line pharmacy performs the purchase of drug information reports, and verify the discovery registration information In fact, the offline pharmacy will not be delivered.

Wang Fuyi said that the next step, the city’s drug supervision and market supervision department will guide the fundamental orientation of "four most stringent", adhere to the prevention and control of the epidemic, continue to strengthen the inspection of the drug store. For the sales "four types of drugs" information, it is not registered or not reported, and I found a shut-down one. The plot is serious, and the drug business license is revoked. Wang Fuyi said that while doing a good job in the prevention and control, the pharmacy should also do a good medicine sales service. I hope that the citizens will take the initiative to test the drug, scan code, epidemiological inquiry, such as the reporting of the relevant information, and the resolution of the epidemic prevention and control department.

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