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Original title: China Europe Geographic Sign Agreement: A mutual benefit of "International Pass" Anji white tea, Panjin rice, Shanxi old vinegar, parma ham, Portuguese green wine … September 14, with the "People’s Republic of China"The Signing of the European Union Geographic Sign Protection and Cooperation Agreement "(known as the Sino-European Geographic Sign Agreement), which indicates that the origin of geographical marking products will usher in a broader market.

What role in promoting geographical symbol protection will promote economic development in promoting economic development?At the Sino-European Geographic Symposium, the Sino-European Geographic Signal Seminar is held, and the production and business of the Chinese and foreign government departments and geographical logo products have gathered together to bring a real shot to the subsequent implementation of the agreement.Providing a high level of protection geographical markers is an important type of intellectual property.

To strengthen the protection of geographical indications and China-EU cooperation, the promotion of geographical indication products trade, China and the EU in 2011 launched the China-EU geographical indications agreement negotiations, after eight years of formal negotiations and 22 rounds of informal consultations, ending at the end of 2019.

Since then, the two sides carry out their legal procedures authorized signatory.

September 14 this year, China-EU geographical indications agreement formally signed.

  "For a long time, China and the EU in the field of intellectual property has maintained good relations of cooperation.

China and the EU carried out a large number of in-depth and pragmatic cooperation on patents, trademarks, geographical indications and other fields, has made a positive, fruitful results. China and the EU signed the agreement of geographical indications, the protection of EU-China cooperation is another milestone in the intellectual property, it shows that China and the EU attach great importance to intellectual property rights, but also demonstrates the firm determination of the Chinese, including the protection of geographical indications, including intellectual property rights.

"Intellectual Property Protection China State Intellectual Property Office Director Zhang Zhicheng said in his speech, the next step, the State Intellectual Property Bureau will vigorously by industry to evangelizing Central European geographical indications agreement, pay close attention to the list of products that China and the EU geographical indications and protection implement the agreement measures system construction and supervision, etc., together with the parties to implement the agreement.

  "In the EU, the protection of geographical indications is contained in the relevant EU regulations.

30 years ago, the EU has requested protection of agricultural products, food-related geographical indications, it is now registered and protected geographical indications over 4800.

The EU-China Agreement on the main provisions of Geographical Indications Geographical Indications content protection rules and mutual recognition of geographical indications list, etc., will provide both the high level of protection of geographical indications, the agreement is a landmark.

"EU Delegation Agricultural Counselor Peng Daming said the next step, the EU will be a high level of protection for the principle of geographical indications in place or do not comply with the relevant specifications of the products shown by preventing the production of non-originating, strengthen law enforcement cooperation and other means to implement the content of the agreement. "agreement on China-EU geographical indications is China’s first foreign signing a comprehensive, high level of protection of geographical indications bilateral agreement is of great significance.

For consumers, obtain protection of geographical indications to all products in terms of quality assurance, can bring its high-quality shopping experience; For businesses, access to protection of geographical indications will be more convenient, lower cost, help their own development; for the country, signed the agreement underlines the importance of opening up and China’s intellectual property protection is conducive to sustainable economic development. "Chinese Ministry of Commerce Director of Treaty and Law Li expressed the hope that China and the EU geographical indications agreement to further develop a protective effect of geographical indications and product potential, so that" kept in purdah, "the well-known products for the country and the world. As a member of the EU Italy protection of geographical indications has always attached great importance.

"Since 1993, Italy began to carry out protection of geographical indications on a global scale, we even before the formation of the EU system, it has established a very detailed protection of geographical indications approved program.

GI protection is of great significance to the promotion of the Italian economic and cultural development.

The agreement included more than 100 GI products from Italy, will promote a high level of protection of geographical indications, so that consumers eat, and use high-quality genuine merchandise. "Deputy Director of Economic and Commercial Office Embassy of Italy Ouji Ning said, after Italy will actively share their experiences of geographical indications and other legislation and practice, and promote the further implementation of the agreement.

  Promote high-quality China-EU Agreement on geographical indications, including fourteen and seven appendices, Appendix A total of 275 parties each geographical indication products, not only related to alcohol, tea, agricultural products, food, etc., and also relates rice paper on behalf of Chinese traditional culture, Silk Brocade Chinese characteristics, geographical indications and other products.

Protection in two batches, the first batch of the two sides mutual recognition of each of the 100 geographical indications protection products will be implemented from the date of entry into force of the Agreement; completion of the relevant protection program 4 years after the second batch of 175 each geographical indication products will come into effect agreements . Cognac is included in the agreement of GI products.

Because of its delicate quality, strong sense of hierarchy, lingering taste characteristics, popular in foreign markets. "In practice, we found a fake ‘Cognac’ in English trade mark on the market in many countries, the abuse of cognac geographical indications and other acts.

In China, we cooperate with law enforcement by local authorities, the effective protection of the cognac geographical indication. The signing of China-EU geographical indications agreement will create a more favorable environment protection of geographical indications Cognac, Cognac industry has brought new development opportunities.

"French National Administration of Industry Cognac (BNIC) on behalf of China Li Ying expressed.

  One Chinese GI products as the first appeared in the "China-EU geographical indications product list" of Panjin rice with crystal clear and full, nutrient-rich, fragrance and other characteristics Ruannuo open many consumers taste buds.

"In recent years, won the protection of geographical indications of Panjin rice brand value continued to improve, now has more than 50 billion yuan. China and the EU to take the express agreement of geographical indications, Panjin rice will usher in a larger international market, its brand value will be greater enhance and promote high-quality development of the industry and the country’s economy.

"Panjin City, Liaoning Province Development and Reform Commission Liu Zhicheng expressed.

  "China and the EU has a long history, human and cultural, geographical indications are rich in resources.

I believe that with the entry into force of the Agreement on the implementation of China-EU geographical indications, China and the EU quality GI products will get more recognition both the consumers and the market, cultural and natural heritage represented geographical indications will be more effective inheritance, Central Europe GI products trade will be more prosperous.

"Zhang Zhicheng representation (newspaper intern reporter Xiong spend level). (Editor: Lin Lu, Li Fang) Share to let more people see recommended reading.